Ab-Fab!!!!! | Reviewer: Betsy | 6/14/07


My Favorite Queen Song | Reviewer: Midgetman | 6/13/07

Radio Gaa Gaa comes in a close second, but Under Pressure ROCKS OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!! Oh and just so that you know, Under Pressure is classical rock, not hard rock.

Under presseure | Reviewer: letizia ingallina | 6/11/07

the last part is doesnt say "this is our last dance" twice.

It's Amazing | Reviewer: Jet | 6/12/07

Everyone's crashing David Bowie's voice. ;( I'll admit Freddie's is far better, but I do love DB's voice, lol. This is an amazing song altogether, I love the last verse.

Good Undrtanding of Humanity | Reviewer: Regina | 6/5/07

Ilove this song, but it drives me nuts that i cant find the year it came out

What I love about this timeless song | Reviewer: Jill | 6/1/07

What I love about this timeless song is that it is *also* a precious time piece from when it was written. Also to me it describes a cycle. Not only is the beat catchy, but a message of inspiration is described within the depths of difficult human crisis and a hope for recovery.
In 1981 , the year this song was written, the first case of AIDS was reported. In 1983 two years later after this song was written, David Bowie lost a fellow musical companion Klaus Nomi to AIDS complications. (A movie has come out to chronicle the work of Bowie/Nomi "The Nomi Song",2004)
The reason I looked up these lyrics today was I had thought Bowie sang "And love dares you to care/For people on the edge of their life", when in fact he sang, "...people on the edge of the night..." When I think about it, the two could basically be the same thing, because "love dares you to change our way of caring about ourselves." To my ears, the last line will always be "This is ourselves Under Pressure." (Because to me that is the 'sound.' " That is the best I can do to explain the cyclical nature of this excellent piece. I have rarely encountered a song which is so interpretive, and yet so direct.

Not a library book | Reviewer: doogie | 5/24/07

yes not too bad I must say ... not 'Queen's' best by a long shot , or David's for that matter: however a nice commercial success! Ole.

favorite song! | Reviewer: emma | 5/22/07

this is one of my favorite songs that i listen to every day! it is truely an awesome song!

the clash | Reviewer: ian | 5/21/07

i first heard this song played by my cousin on his guitar who's a big fan of queen and i totally fell in love with it. .it conveys such deep meaning that every time i hear it i get a new wave of something that i never seen/heard before..and i totally agree that bowie was casted along side mercury to sing this song to give emphasis on their difference much as the songs meaning..

contrast in voices | Reviewer: bob burns | 5/19/07

So many comments about the difference in the voices of Bowie and Mercury. Freddie's voice is the best in rock and absolutely classic. Bowie is unique and uses what he has to it's best end.(How about his duo with Bing Crosby? How many would even try that?) It is the contrasting of their styles that epitomizes the very meaning of the song; love dares you change, to assimilate differences. They both embrace(d) life on the edge, and together they celebrate that life in this song.

i love this song. | Reviewer: epitheoro | 5/17/07

i am not going to give an age but say that this song came out a decent time EARLIER then when i was born and i love this song beyond all others. (for what it is anyway)
it's a great song and you can't help but love it.

i wish Freddy didn't die because it would probably have been pretty cool to meet him...

Astounding | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/07

I do think the voices contrast is brilliant. I have much respect for both Bowie and Freddie, though I'm completely in love with Freddie's voice. I think he is the best rock singer ever and, as a soprano, I admire very much his talent. His "why" is the greatest! No one will ever sing this song as well as he did. The very first time I heard the song, I thought his mumbling was sort of a dialect! I can't stop listening to it, it's killing me... he's a killer queen, you know?

Oh how I love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/1/07

Bowie is my all time favorite singer, his voice is unique, it gives me shivers -x- as for Freddie, I am also a big Queen fan- how many people can say thier two favorite artists collaberated on a song?

the cover | Reviewer: jessica | 5/3/07

mcr and the used actually ruined this song .
they like, mangled it, it's THAT bad.
other than that its an amazing song, i loveeee David Bowie.

People who say Bowie can't sing are retards | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/29/07

Ok, first off, everyone saying that Bowie can't sing are idiots. Bowie has an amazing voice, which, like someone already mentioned, he dosen't use to its full extent in this song. Second, nearly ANYONE, be they rock artists or from any genre within popular music, would pale in comparison vocally beside Freddie Mercury, who is, without a doubt, the best male vocalist in the history of popular music. An amazing range (3.5 octaves, iirc) and the ability to just about anything with his voice prove it. So what we have here is two musical geniuses coming together to create a superb piece of work, balancing each other out well.