fantastic song | Reviewer: j dub | 5/17/12

I think this song is about the repressive society that Obama and his regime dictate over. Dave and Fred were so perseptive to foresee how America would devolve into the ultra liberal Hell in which we all presently live. I remember the great Dave and Fred's performance of this iconic song at the 1984 Republican Convention. If only Ronald Reagan was alive today.He really liked the um dumma bum da da da bum parts.

Under Pressure - Great Song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/1/12

This song is great, everytime I hear it I get a new feeling even though I've heard it like a million times. I think this song is about how the world is falling apart all because of preasure and how we could give a chance to everything/everyone we love! :)

We need to understand what this is all about | Reviewer: John T Donaldson | 3/22/12

Having lost several close friends to suicide, looking for reasons why, trying to understand how, this song begins a dialog about what it must be like to be young in the world today. Anyone out there who understands this can pause and find hope for a better day tomorrow. It does not have to end.

Universally Recognized as one of the Greatest, ever | Reviewer: dave | 3/6/12

First of all, the Dave and Freddie represent 2 superior lineage of musical and lyrical greatness. Without the lyrics, this music alone is excellent in the rise and fall, reaching a climax at 3:30, where the distictive hook is clear. Delivery of the lyrics in a duet typically doesn't involve both artists going to the front, and the, AS BACKUP too. Done seamlessly - excellent production qualities throughout. Emotional, subtle lyrics delivered in a near pleading manner.

Most critical lists of Best Songs ever includes this song.

marisa | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/11

Wow, one of my all time favorites. That is why Queen and this song are both classics....timeless message that's relevant across decades, across culture, race, class, countries, human it.

Love this song too, but... | Reviewer: queenfan | 12/3/11

Hey "endwageslavery", in case you haven't noticed, America has never EVER been a completely capitalist society and has been moving further and further away from that ideal for decades. Our government has way too much power right now, trying to dictate to us citizens how to live, think, and spend our money. Further, if you don't like your "slavemaster", quit your job, start your own business, or move to a more socialist country

listen to this song for a better life | Reviewer: Dan River | 11/4/11

If there as ever a truth to be found in this life it's right here in this song. people no longer love because they aren't willing to care, and that is breaking us apart as a society as humanity.we need to stop thinking only of ourselves and think
of everyone. if we cared more for everyone there wouldn't be loneliness nor depression. and the things that bother us, big and small, would be no more
it's amazing how people hear but never listen

db | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/11

They need to play this song in therapy for addicts and those who suffer from depression and anxiety. I had forgotten that this was my theme song and it came back to me while in an inpatient facility. It helped me start figuring things out. Why don't we give love? Why don't we give ourselves one more chance? End of the song says A LOT if you think about it.

LOVE | Reviewer: Dan | 8/23/11

Please see the High Definition video of them in concert doing 'Under Pressure'. It's epic. This Kelly chick sounds like bad news. It would be fitting if she read these comments and reflected on her idiocy, and maybe got a little depressed.


I CAN RELATE | Reviewer: Luis Rodriguez | 8/21/11

I suffer from major depression and anxiety. This song is a very good description of how I feel most of the time. I feel overwhelmed by a great deal of pressure that evey day life places on me. I believe that more people suffer from these types of disorders today than ever before due to the fast paced, ever growing demand for money and political correctness. I imagine life to be much harder to live in the early years of America, but in a physical perspective. Today our lives are bombarded by mentally exhausting and overwhelming pressure. Kudos to the writer(s) of this song as they obviously have life experience as well as an awesome artistic ability to put this very real emotion into words.

Great song | Reviewer: Goth girl | 7/22/11

Some people think that this song makes no sense.
That's wrong.
This song is about how the world has gone to a hell in a handbasket!

"it's a terror of knowing what this work is about"

Great song!!

Brilliant song. | Reviewer: End Wage Slavery | 5/31/11

One of the best songs by any band. It seems to be about what a tragic and horrible place the world is and how capitalism is destroying our lives, making human beings into just machines of production. Watch the music video and you can't help but notice the footage from the Great Depression. It's in the video for a reason.

"The terror of knowing what this world is about" is the terror of knowing how insignificant we are to the bourgeoisie and the knowing what a horrible, heartless, satanic economic system capitalist wage slavery really is.

"Love dares you to change our way of caring about ourselves", meaning to truly love your fellow human beings you have to realise that our fates are all intertwined instead of being selfish and that the success of a society and the progress of a society can truly be measured in how close it is to the ideal of every baby starting out with the same good opportunity. Instead of caring only about me me me and how much wealth can I amass we have to change what we care about, change the way we feel and change how we interact with each other. A brilliant and very deep song.

Some, sometimes lack common sense | Reviewer: Some sort of conscience, somewhere... | 3/17/11

First off, I don't think artists wright 'bout themselves, there pretty much pointing out issues that some are blind to. If it would be 'bout them, they'd probably point out to how dumbed down humanity is, nobody would be buyin' records that point out to how wrong they are. And second, why would freddie be hiding in song??? I don't think that he's ashamed of the things some seem to feel ashamed about. He knows who he outta be, and doesn't need to talk it out like so many. Well, I guess some just see things in a different way, and some see it how it is. Anyhow, great duet by two incredibly, down to earth, talented heart felt people.

Incredible song...just...amazing.... | Reviewer: Lord Xeras | 1/16/11

good god, this song is amazing. Freddy and Bowie make one hell of a team. Freddy's falsetto and bowie's rich baritone mix together to create one of the greatest songs of all time. the lyrics are amazing and filled with emotion. this is #1 on my top ten songs of all time. Rest in piece Freddy Mercury.

Long live Freddie Mercury | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/10

While this is not my most favorite Queen song, that would belong to Bohemian Rhapsody and Somebody to Love, the lyrics are very profound. To all the naysayers that proclaim Freddie is singing about gay love, I am ashamed that in todays day and age that we still have the same concerns that we had when this song came out almost 30 years ago. Have we made no progress? Take the song for what it is. A beautiful moment in time performed by two of the most iconic voices in the history of popular music. I was (and am to this day) deeply saddened by the passing of Freddie Mercury, but so glad that he shared his wonderful talents and voice with us. There will never be anyone to compare.