I agree with 'define irony' | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/13/08

I think you guys are disgustingly shallow if you are too hung up over someone's orientation to realize good music. listen to the lyrics. it says give love over and over again and your still being an ass to gays. its not their fault theyre gay. they were good musicians with good lyrics. especially this song. so if you have something nice to say about t,he band say it otherwise dont even come onto this page.


whatt? | Reviewer: cuta | 1/1/08

who's the people said fredd "sucks can go fuck there selves cuzz they don't know fuckin music and said this song is anal presure your the fuckin fagget so go suck a fuckin cock this song is a fuckin legand song" , mark?

whoever they are..
i hope they will not have love
and just can be hick person in their life, amin

by the way..
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008, everybody ^-^
hope everythings gonna be esier..

You guys!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/23/07

This song is one of Queens best!so what if Freddie and David were bis!!!
nobody cares!you are so shallow if you hold that against thm!freddie mercury was and still is a ledge and complete god!

freddie | Reviewer: mark | 12/23/07

this song is great no one has a voice like freddie and who ever says he sucks can go fuck there selves cuzz they don't know fuckin music and dude who said this song is anal presure your the fuckin fagget so go suck a fuckin cock this song is a fuckin legand song

What is wrong with you, people? | Reviewer: Nelly | 12/12/07

What's wrong with you, guys? This is a fantastic song. Let's appreciate it, and let's appreciate love and let's try not to put so much pressure on each other!

Do your research | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/07

If you really knew the history of Queen, you would know that both the late Freddie Mercury and David Bowie were/are both bi-sexual, which isn't gay. And besides, this song is about the love of thy neighbour. Man, you people suck. This song is amazing.

The truth about gays. | Reviewer: emmanuel | 12/7/07

I tell you would it not make sense to give an island (farthest from normal society as possible) and put every gay on it im telling 50 years all gays will have died out. What i dont understand why change your voice you balls just went back up or something or maybe they never dropped

Erm... | Reviewer: Erm... | 12/6/07

Umm...well, anyway, homophobic comments aside, great song, and dead-on lyrics. Yeah. o_O

By the way, I'm all for homosexuality, bisexuality, whatever. It's just kinda stupid you guys would be focusing on JUST that, and not how great the song is. Talkin' about love and stuff...you know? Kinda makes you hypocrites to be arguing about it...

Yeah. I'm done now.

Define Irony | Reviewer: Kyle | 12/1/07

Has anyone read the lyrics to this song, really?
It's about love people, and just about all I've read here is either about hating homosexuals or hating people who hate homosexuals. If someone wants to express their opinion about homosexuals, let the moron talk him or herself to sleep. Let the silence speak for itself, and if you can't love the speaker, be apathetic about the matter. Words are but words. The power of them relies completely on the listener.

um... | Reviewer: gregor | 11/15/07

definition of homophobia- fear of sameness, monotony or of homosexuality or of becoming homosexual...um,last time i checked making fun of nerds isn't nerdaphobia, so how is making fun of gays being afraid of them...next time use words correctly. Oh by the way just beacuse the media says the definition of homophobia is doesn't mean its right...and stop using the f-word.

>:( | Reviewer: Estell | 11/13/07

Okay, whoever 'Anal Pressure' is, GO F*** YOURSELF WITH A TREE, FOR THAT IS THE ONLY THING YOU WILL EVER GET LOVE OUT OF. I 100% agree with all the people that called you a homophobe and your probably the only one that found it funny. I'm just happy that your version of Under Pressure is gone, and I hope I never see those words on this screen again. BEEYATCH!!!

This is disgusting. | Reviewer: Hilary Sears | 11/10/07

This is the most horrible thing I have seen in a long, long time. and I have seen many a horrible thing. You are laughing now reading this comment, your fat little homophobic ass squirming in your roll chair. "see I stirred up trouble, people are so insinsitive. they never get a joke." well concrats buddy. you pissed another person off. but in the end god will have his reaping. and a pinapple will get shoved up your homophobic ass. you prick.

Freddie Mercurey and Queen are one of the most influencial musical gods there have ever been. Go ahead make fun of the dead. I'll see your ass in hell.

Fuck u homofobics | Reviewer: Fernando | 11/10/07

This lyrics is really wrong... I like this page before this, it's really bad to discriminate gays... only one more thing FUCK U HOMOFOBICS!!!!! gays are like someone else, better than homofobics

dick | Reviewer: Angryyyy!!! | 11/11/07

your a fuckin dick ed whoever wrote those lyrics at the start your pathetic!you think it's funny go fuck urself!your out of order.freddie is a legend and so were his songs and thats really pissed me off that you could write that considering he's dead!sick bastard!

are you kidding | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/07

Why hasnt this been removed yet?
Actual lyrics are credited under some kid band called my chemical romance.
what a worthless site