Had to do this because of that Kelly bitch | Reviewer: Luis | 12/20/10

This song is about how messed up this world has become and the difficulty with having to be under the pressure of being forced to deal with it. The "Screaming 'let me out line'" as Kelly forgot to meantion was coming from his friends, this is a suicide reference, f.y.I. The song really isn't so hard to decipher. You just have to put yourself in the mind of a rock musician who could really care less about all your politics and laws, you'll see similar mind opening words coming from many different songs if you really just listen

best song... ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/10

This is quite possibly the best song as in shivers up your spine and a tear is the eye . Everytime I hear this one on the radio I stop what I am doing , turn up the volume and give the song the attention it deserves.

Under Pressure | Reviewer: Charlie | 4/8/10

lol. some people (like a person called "Kelly" in below) are pretty idiot enough to see everything as a gay, especially if it's made by homosexual/bisexual people. This song is not about homosexuality, NONE of Queen's songs are. Especially, Freddie didn't came out closet in 1981. He stated it in 70s.... and this song, it's masterpiece. best duet ever!

Reminds me of 2000-2010 | Reviewer: BaileyHietpas(male) | 2/4/10

The shakyness is meant to be there.... I am very young about 14, This Queen will always live in my heart forever. This song is one of my favorites but Bohemian Rhapsody is my favorite, we will miss you Freddie! R.I.P

Perfect pitch in World's Greatest Dad | Reviewer: momo nakagomo | 1/15/10

The viewer ratings of World's Greatest Dad and its availability on Netflix' Instant Play in the same year of the movie's release had be wondering if I should see it. Not only was it a wonderfully quirky, well-acted, meaningful work, but then they put in Under Pressure to emphasize William's character's epiphany. Perfect!

So Beautiful! | Reviewer: Niloo | 12/20/09

This song is brilliant from beginning to the end. I agree. The 2 voices are so different and Freddie's voice is thousand times better, but yet surprisingly they fit each other.
I think " Under Pressure " isn't necessarily about ' gay love '. As others mentioned, this song is about our lives, our relationships with each other, lack of 'love' in modern lives. And it says that love will prove everything and save our lives. Why people can’t leave a comment about a song because of SONG, not because of personal lives of it’s composer? Anyway, Thanks Queen and Bowie! Freddie, I miss you. You're in our hearts forever…
By the way, I ask everyone that don't give a f%&$ to anal pressure. He/She's the most idiot and retarded person in the world and probably the only that found those rubbish lyrics funny! Poor little thing!

Just listen to the words | Reviewer: Kelly | 12/12/09

Is it just me or does this song seem to mean Freddie Mercury coming out of the closet but it's really hard at that time because they looked down apon people that were gay. Like how

"Screaming 'Let me out'
Pray tomorrow - gets me higher high high
Pressure on people - people on streets
Turned away from it all like a blind man
Sat on a fence but it don't work
Keep coming up with love
but it's so slashed and torn
Why - why - why ?
Love love love love love
Insanity laughs under pressure we're cracking
Can't we give ourselves one more chance
Why can't we give love that one more chance"

the guy can't love a woman he doesn't like them. I'm not against gays at all i'm half.

To Ramon Edwards, my friends and me too | Reviewer: ayurdevic | 7/22/09

I am a 31 year old mexican male. you remember me to one of my best friends, during the university we was listening all queen, this guy, one day make some tickets to a concert in his home and invite 2 of us, tha room was all in darknes, we assure that nothing of light in there, we wait like an hour and then we enter to the concert. ¡Live Killers! in EP or LP, the big disc, remember. And it was amazing!!!! In that concert we smoke a little weed, And it was amazing!!!!, This guy tell to us, that, he surely cut one finger to see mercury in Live, the other guy and me, said the same thing. I understand you. Mercury, his voice, his strengh, his show. This ocurred in 2000.Beautiful

This song kicks a@%.....period! | Reviewer: Ramon Edwards | 6/18/09

I am a 39 year old black male. The accuracy of this song sends chills up my spine. It perfectly fits our day and age. Just the other night, I had to pleasure to view Queen performing Radio Ga Ga at the Live Aid concert on VH1. They rocked! Freddie Mercury had the entire crowd responding to him. And he sounded great. That just doesn't happen this days. Yeah, I've been to some really good concerts; but I would seriously give up a couple of fingers, toes, and a kidney to be transported back in time, placed right smack in the middle of that audience, then cut loose to wave my fist in the air singing, "All we hear is radio goo goo, radio ga ga"

Amazing song. | Reviewer: brandon | 5/19/09

This is an amazing song. Even though it is a bit old it hits us even more now than it did when he made it. He made this song knowing and seeing exactly what this world was about and what was going on. Btw Tina i thikn that when he was doing the low volumed high notes is that he was aiming for a shaky voice. Listen to the song and it sounds like its supposed to be there like he is sad. "Turned away from it all like a blind man" and so on.

The song on their greatest hits 3 CD is different thatn this. | Reviewer: Maelstorm | 5/7/09

I seem to have a different version of this song. The beginning of it goes like this: (Note this is by ear, so there may be mistakes in the transcription)

you send your luck (?? could be love, but there's a 'K' sound there.)
your luck is dangerous
unintelligible: cause he was made that way (??)
Even a blind man can see that's no so.
love love love love love love love
people on streets
Mm ba ba de
Um bum ba de
Um bu bu bum da de
why don't we give love that one more chance
pressure pressure pressure pressure pressure
pressure pressure pressure pressure pressure
pushing down on me
pressing down on you
no one ask for

(And the rest of the song follows from that point on)

Critique | Reviewer: Tina | 5/7/09

I've always loved the harmony between Freddie's and David's voices. They mixed well together. The range of dynamics is what really made this song memorble for me (other than the addictive beat).
Having said that, there is one problem I've always had with this song. At the part where Freddie's singing "Turned awy from it all, like a blind man" he is at a low dynamic level (p) and is singing notes in a high range. When singing higher notes, especially when at a low volume, it is very important to keep the tone lifted using lots of energy and good breath support. He did not do that :( His voice was shaking and the tone went flat very quickly. That's probably the only problem I've ever had with any of Freddie's performances and I'm glad he didn't make the same mistake again. R.I.P. Freddie dear.

Exceptional Song "He is live through his songs" | Reviewer: Bibek Man Shrestha | 3/18/09

I like the way this song is written with a gr8 value of releationship and devotion.who cares this man is what the fact is can u give this type of song cmon. i hate those who give comments on persons . but what critics is all bout gr8 person have more critics.He might be dead to all but here his songs is there for all to give energy,sentiments,excitments.May GOD bless his soul.

storyline | Reviewer: thane | 2/20/09

to me this song shows how love is becoming foreign. People deivorce often and that caring for anyone great or small is becoming something of the past. This is an old song which i love but it relates to nowdays more than ever. Long live the queen. (not pommy one)

Shut the Hell UP | Reviewer: MM | 2/4/09

All you ignorant and intolerant idiots out there, just shut the hell up because it doesnt matter if he was gay or straight or whatever! People are good because of what they do for other people, not what they do with other people. So all you intolerant retards can go eat crap for all i care. BTW im not gay but I like to think of myself as an advocate for gay rights and lesbians or whatever the hell you are.