Thankyou! | Reviewer: Emma | 8/14/07

I'm at a time in my life (going into college) where suddenly I realize that I have to grow up now. I just discovered this song, and today when I was in a bad mood again, I knew it would help me out.
But now after reading the lyrics and reading other people's stories here, I realized how insignificant my problems are compared to real ones, and I need to quit whining and get off my ass!
Thankyou Queen and this website!

Pressure! | Reviewer: Felicia | 8/8/07

A mom with four kids 10,6,3,1
A dead beat husband who wont work, just fights me!(in front of my kids) Which tears me apart!(I watched my mom and dad fight.)
Was homeless just back in march. Living in an abandoned house, no toilets no shower.
Useing buckets of hot water to bath my kids and I.
Shitting in a paint bucket.
Got out into this place, lost my job 2 months ago, husband wont work, but he plays the organ so the church pays the rent. But not the lights or the Creditors.
In school full time! through all this! For the past 4 years. Graduate in 2 more semesters. The fightings got me 4 week behind this semester. The semester is over Sunday.
UNDER PRESSURE!! da da bup bup bup :) BRING IT ON!!!!!! Thats what this song says to me GOT TO SURVIVE! Got to help others after I get my degree. This shit it serious out here ! WELCOME TO THE SHOW. Sink or swim. "THIS is our last dance, this is oueselves.... Under Pressure.

pushing down on me... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/6/07

These past few weeks and months have been an extremely trying time for me (looking for adequate and appropriate work, losing my apartment, struggling to pay bills and stay connected, friends moving, and relational fallout). After seeing the Queen musical this past week "We Will Rock You", I have found myself singing the songs and hearing them on the radio frequently. Under pressure was the one played moments ago as I drove home in my car and it helped me find inspiration and a light in my eyes to carry on through this dark season of the soul. Dee da dee da day...

Let Me Out! | Reviewer: So Much Better Now | 7/19/07

Yes, I was one of those people screaming "Let Me Out!". The pressure finally did split our family apart, but I feel I came to the surface and breathed fresh air for the first time in years. Now I hope to give love another chance, because I want to change the way I care about myself. I've been singing this song a lot recently, and it really helps.

powerful | Reviewer: alisha | 7/13/07

this song is telling us how bad the world is and that we need to open our eyes and stop being so selfish and notice all the world suffering and to do something about it!

under pressure x | Reviewer: alisha | 7/12/07

this is the best song in the world! i think this song has a good perspective and a bad really gets you thinking and the words mean so much if you really think about them

This Song's purpose is Clouded by Indulgence | Reviewer: Alex | 7/10/07

This song tries to explain to us how we indulge far to much in life and the many lessons we refuse to learn. When you see a friend who is manically depressed, and you ask them their view on the world, they will respond possibly with what would be interpreted as a "negative", "watching some good friends scream, let me out". When I was younger, I was manically depressed, this song not only gave me some positivity, but also gave me incentive, even though you will be pushed away when you "love" another in any type of relationship, you must not give up on that person, you must love them the way the world should love one another "pay it forward", as Freddie quotes "keep coming up with love but its so slashed and torn" he describes the pain you feel when the love is not only rejected but repulsed by the other and it leads to internal wounds that would ultimately demoralize the "lover". I read many articles that have not been manipulated or altered by any higher source about immigrants who come to the land of the free and find the only thing free is the lust for greed and the freedom to throw away your morals and values and seek new ones. Basically one woman said "I came to north america to get away from communism, but the only thing I ran away from was compassion and love that was displayed in my small community, I feel as if everyone here loves themselves far greater then that even of their parents", with this being said look at the location where Freddie wrote this, and look at the common patterns in people that would have justified his painful feelings, it is all to obvious that we are distant to one another not in the mind, not in the body, but in the spirit, there is no spirituality anymore, when someone gets hit hard in the heart, most of the time in order to recover from the pain and make sure it doesnt happen again, they will tell themselves to not give their love away so freely, and eventually will forget about telling themselves this, and will instill a permenant and prominant moral that will evidently be passed on by influence. In conclusion, "this is our last dance", if we dont change our patterns and interaction with one another, it will take a "pay it forward" method, we will ultimately lose faith and face in love, and deep feelings, I can imagine that some of you have already become repulsed by this article and in complete denial, I ask of you to analyze your current lively hood and social habits and see how much you really love others, and possibly ask yourselves, how can I pass this love on? I wrote this because I'm paying it forward, it was a dying mans wish, and I promised him to never stop paying it forward.

incredible | Reviewer: corey | 7/6/07

with me being a bassist this song has one of the catchyest basslines i have ever heard i absolutly love jaming to this song and just listening to it over and over again but besides the bassline the entire song is great i mean freddies and davids voices are both great and just over all WOW!!!!!!!!

best of the best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/29/07

ever since i was born, i have grown up listening to queen. my mother was a queen fanatic, and i became one, too. whenever i feel stressed out, and nothing seems to be going right, i listen to this song. it always calms me down, and helps me look at the situation i'm going through. freddie mercury was such an awesome performer. and i dont think anyone can match up to him. david bowie is a good singer and all, but no way could he sound better than freddie. i admire anyone who thinks queen is an awesome rock band, because i mean, they are! and this is only one of the great hits that they made. and its pretty awesome!

mercury | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/23/07

amazing charisma by mercury, bowie as well, and annie lenox did a fantastic job as well.

HECK YES! | Reviewer: spiritfox | 6/23/07

i love this song sooo much. it's totally random, and i thought they might have been saying something in the "hmm do ba bup" stuff, but i guess not. still, crazy awesome.

Good but sad | Reviewer: laura | 6/24/07

I like this song but i think it can also give off a negative vibe. Makes me depressed sometimes.

About the song Under Pressure performed by Queen | Reviewer: Some dude | 6/23/07

I used to think that this song was about the hollicost before i looked up the lyrics. Nice job on it btw. I never would have been able to figure out what they said completely.

What a combo! | Reviewer: edmundthegrey | 6/19/07

This song is so amazing for a lot of reasons. And while David's vocal are a bit stonger they Mercury's they blend so well together. And course Bowie has always sounded great no matter what band is backing him. Gets better with each list. Possibly Queen's best song.

#1...Mercury & Bowie are incredible...unforgettable! | Reviewer: Betsy | 6/14/07

This is possibly the best rock duet ever...I am a fan of both Bowie and Mercury...and they (together), bring a sound that no 2 other's could ever match.

For the guy who says Mercury is way better than are an idiot!!!

The purpose of the two of them together is that they harmonize like no other two can. Not to mention the stage presence that they bring to the song...

My vote.....Absolutely Fabuluos!!!!!! It doesn't get ant better than this...