About Stress | Reviewer: Lulu | 2/1/09

Why on earth do you feel this is about gay love. So he was gay..The song is about the pressure of life.."if you read the words" you will catch that. Just because a person is gay doesn't mean they sing about it. Pretty damn good looking for a gay man ..I'm bettin you guys can't top his looks?

Its the Truth | Reviewer: Vesper Adams | 12/28/08

This is one of my favourite songs because its the truth. We have so many songs today that talk about useless stuff like jewelery and fancy cars. Under Pressure is really describing how we live today and the pressures we face. We don't show as much empathy and love because we think others will view us as wimps. It isn't some unknowen force that decides who has what and who gets love. It is our choices to recoignize others pain that decides how we all live.

Perfect! | Reviewer: LynX | 12/23/08

Don´t give a dime for what others say...
That two voices are perfectly arranged.... they hit the sense of the song, they hit the melody - nothing to discuss! Just perfect! Frddy was/is a Superstar and came down wth lyrics like "Um bu bu bum da de", that´s fantastic! Together with David Bowie, another "millenium-voice" in between us.... that hits the point! Easy in- and outgoing music, but lyrics performed by two extra-ordinary artists.... that´s a song for generations...........

Gay/straight | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/08

the song is by queen AND david bowie so its not about gay love.... get over it... the words of songs and the emotions that music causes in a human being transcends any kind of stereotypes (music not rap) this song and many of freddie's songs have touched me adn im straight

I love this song! But ... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/08

...its so weird. Why almost everybody think the musics of Freddie Mercury are about beying gay, or gay love?
This music says for everybody, and says the we should put more love into our lifes, in our actions.
I just didn't get the last phrase " this is our last dance".

This song rocks so much | Reviewer: Matthew C to the L | 11/28/08

Two "icons" of classic rock - Queen and David Bowie perform this song, obviously put their whole heart into it, and now we have a masterpeice. It even has a positive message, that may be interpreted several different ways, providing all of us a way to relate in our own ways... My overall fav song of all time.

Respect Mercury | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/16/08

As a heterossexual woman, I can totally relate to this song, these lyrics. I never thought this song had to do with gay love. In my opinion, it has to do with modern life and its difficulties. And also the lack of love. Like "Love? Why bother?!". Queen are not my favourite band but they sure have great lyrics. This is my favourite from them... because, again, I really really relate. I didn't read the whole discussion, but I can tell you Mercury deserves a lot more respect than many heterossexuals.

Great Song... and He may be Gay but he was very religious | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/15/08

Freddie Mercury may be gay but all of his songs have a good religious backing to them. As for "Under Pressure" it talks about how we must learn how to love our neighbors which is THE commandment in the Bible. So I understand that being gay is a bad thing but still give the man some credit for being very religious. BTW God forgives sins.

Seriously...what the hell? | Reviewer: ...the hell? | 11/7/08

As previously stated...what the hell? Can a dead homosexual man have no peace? We have the Jesus freaks basically LECTURING the homophobic morons who can't respect Freddie Mercury as a musician and a homosexual. The man was obviously more self aware than either of these parties (the Jesus monkies and the common southern moron) As a southern man myself I find this sick. I commend the "Christians" for standing up for a departed musician, but you're going about it all wrong. I read a few pages back...Hillary someone was talking about "God" shoving a pineapple in "Anal Pressure"'s rectum. Okay...what's wrong with that? Anyone? "Anal Pressure" EASILY won the little spat because "Hillary" was infuriated with someone on the INTERNET. Hello? IT'S THE DAMNED INTERNET! Let people speak their narrow minded little opinions and such, as many of my friends and I love to say, "You're free to state your opinion, but by the same token I can simply ignore it." Let karma come and kick them in the ass. If they speak ill of others, eventually someone is going to beat the living tar out of them. That's retribution. Not waiting on some "judgement day". I'm no atheist nor am I a "Christian" there's too much wrong with both of these little groups. I believe in God, but I believe he doesn't really pay much mind to what goes on here on this blue little hell hole. Freddie Mercury was a true inspiration to dozens of other musicians, myself included. I've spoken to the man perhaps once or twice before his untimely passing due to the terrible disease AIDS. He will be sorely missed by all of us here on earth. Freddie Mercury is jamming with the stars now.

- Neal Peart

stop it... | Reviewer: Anyman | 11/7/08

The beauty of a great song, written by a great artist is the universal reach. It's NOT about the the south,it's NOT about gay love..It's about LIFE, it's about the shit we do that destroys lives and love. It's about whatever you feel when you hear it.

in regards to the comments below mine | Reviewer: cmm | 10/28/08

Okay. One, 'Under Pressure' is about gay love. It has absolutely nothing to do with the south. If anybody doesn't already know this, Freddie Mercury was gay, and you should respect this song and not offend its message, especially when its writer died of AIDS. Get some maturity, get an IQ of more than ten, and get real. Two, in regards to the nuke message, for anyone who might take this creep seriously, he/she clearly isn't aware that nuclear bombs let off this amazing energy called 'radiation' that causes radiation poisoning, multiple forms of cancer, and several other diseases, most of which, if not deadly, are highly detrimental to health. Radiation also happens to go through solid objects quiet easily, so a barrier would do absolutely no good and this person clearly isn't aware of the fact that lead is the only radiation resistant substance in the world and there isn't enough in the world to even cover South Carolina, let alone the entirety of the South, not to mention you'd need to put a dome over it. Three, there aren't any nuclear silos in the South because it is, in its entirety, a swampy cesspit, hence why it was so good for growing cotton and slavery. Nuclear silos weigh a lot, and it isn't a good idea to put the most powerful bombs in the world in a place where they would sink and undoubtedly detonate. Imagine the Leaning Tower of Pisa becoming the next Hiroshima or Nagasaki. All of the silos are in the Rockies or the desert where there is solid bed rock, in case my southern opponent can't even find his/her own state on the map.
And do not even get me started on this person's grammer and spelling. Hope that they never get in a position of power, and hope to hell that they never become a teacher. If they are already, then all I can say, and i'm an atheist, is god help us. GO OSU! SEC sucks!

Why? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/08

Why do you people always have to make these things into big arguments? Can't you just enjoy good music? Oh, by the way, I didn't mean anything racist by 'you people' merely referring to all the contentious commentors.

what does this song have anything to do with the south? | Reviewer: not racist, informist. | 10/14/08

and another thing where do you get off saying such bad things about the south? slavery wasnt about putting one type of person over another it was about cheap labor. and if you think that way then you must hate illeagal mexicans that work for nothing to send it all to there familys as well is that it? heck eaven abraham lincoln wasnt against slavery! he was not an abolishonist at all! he even let slavery continue in the border line union states for some years after the emancipation proclomation so i say we put up barriers over the south and nuke ya'll! thats right i said ya'll! got a problem with it? piss off!

queen rocks | Reviewer: !!! | 8/18/08

i think everything about this song is right and it's not about gay love just love so it can be heard all around the English speaking world and be understood as everyone one has felt it so in short GO QUEEN

what can I say...?? | Reviewer: BazZ | 7/21/08

this is, without a doubt, my favorite song in the world, I love Freddie Mercury and I think that he wrote the most beautiful songs ever...
people need to listen this song, it talks about this world that we are distroying..
well, I just love this song... and I dont think that "love's such an old fashioned word"... =]...

"I won't be a rockstar, I will be a LEGEND...!!"
-Freddie mercury dixit-
(and he is...)