CHILLS | Reviewer: Leslie | 2/12/14

I saw Queen and David Bowie every time they played in Philadelphia when I was in high school. It was years before they collaborated on this song, but at the time I always wondered what they could come up with if they jammed. I have always loved this song.30 years later it still gives me chills.

It is so poignant and strong, so desperate and so tender. The harmony in the crescendo, "This is our last dance, this is our last dance" is a cry from the heart and soul of our generation. It is, indeed, our last dance. It is our last chance.

to fans of queen | Reviewer: Pink | 1/15/14

Queen was truly one of the greatest bands ever, and Freddie was one of the greatest musicians and performance artists ever. This song, even decades later stands as a beautiful work of art and one of the best songs ever written.

I see a lot of people saying "music like this isn't made now a days" and "all modern artists are stupid, and this is simply not true. It is true that all POPULAR artist nowadays are very stupid, but there are ones out there that can create beautiful songs, they just don't become popular anymore.

Try some of these very modern bands;

"As Tall as Lions" has some sad, yet very deep moving music, that touches on things such as love, religion, and in general their music has a very melodic, poetic feel to it that is like no other artist, it is truly beautiful, and does a great job of telling the human story. "Love love love" and "you can't take it with you" are a good place to start with them.

"fleet foxes" are not the most deep band, but their music is amazing, it's a bit more folksy, more comparable to grateful dead and the zombies then queen, but still very much worth looking into. "Mykonos" and "Blue Spotted Tail" are goos songs to start with for them.

"The Antlers" again, another 'sad' band, but his music is among the deepest ever created, touching the very souls of the listener, the album "Hospice" tells a beautiful tragic love story comparable to Shakespeare. "Kettering" and "Two" are some of their best songs, but my personal favorite is "Stairs to the Attic"

"Modest Mouse" is a somewhat gritty mid-west style band, with beautiful, unimaginably deep music, inspired by everything from normal real life experience to deep contemplation of the meaning of reality and the existence of the universe. "The stars are Projectors" or "The World at Large" is a good place to start with them.

"Tool" may at first appear to be an average 90s alternative metal band, but in their later ablums they mature into one of, if not the most deep 'human experience' exploration band you will ever see. Their album "Lateralus" stands as one of the best albums ever in my opinion, the title track being an amazing song set to the very rhythm of the universe, the fibonacci spiral, that delves deep into the idea of what human consciousness is. Other tracks on the album, "Parabol" and "Parabola" are simply beautiful, a vocal description of a being realizing and coming to terms with the fact that is conscious and exists.

My point being, some modern bands are amazing, you just have to know where to look.

Greatness | Reviewer: Brian | 1/5/14

Under Pressure was just one of those songs that you can never go wrong with. He lyrics are something that we all need to live by: why cant we give love one more chance? If we didnt put pressure on everyone, didnt hate, and gave love, then this world would truely be better. Freddie knew this in the world that he lived in. He, though was popular, was a homosexual, and much like today, and even worse back then was the hatred for them. Likehe said in the song, why cant we just love eachother, why cant we accepet eveyone for who they are, why are we being pressured to conform to what the world wants us to be?

On another note, noone could ever go wrong with that bass opening, so simple, yet so amazing

One of the great ones from the 80s | Reviewer: Gc | 12/9/13

Remember seeing the video on MTV back when they played music videos. It's just a goosebump song. Btw, jdumb, typical teatard right wing nitwit lie. The notion that Bowie and Freddie mercury would play a tune for the Actor In Chief is total hogwash but keep making stuff up. It reminds those that don't usually care that you can always tell a wingnut's lying by their lips moving.

Will never happen again | Reviewer: Richard | 5/30/13

This track is the culmination of 2 of the greatest artists the world has ever known, performing and collaborating at the apex of their own individual musical careers. It's a musical snapshot back in time when intelligent, original artists existed. Musicians are much, much dumber now. A song of this caliber will never be made again.

This is ourselves under pressure | Reviewer: Michaela | 4/22/13

I love Queen and for a long time the other guys didn't know Freddie was ill and he had to tell them. Brian May almost commited suicide when he heard about Freddie and I feel sorry for the other guys because they are a great rock band and they lost one of the greatest rock singers of all time.

Watching some good friends screaming 'Let me out' | Reviewer: Monty | 2/6/13

I've loved this song since it came out back in the early 80's -both because I'm a huge fan of Queen & Bowie plus the great lyrics and music. It's awesome to see so many different interpretations of those mysterious lyrics. I think they're conveying multiple messages on multiple levels. More than anything else, to me it says 'Let me out' of the CLOSET. Back in the early 80's there was a lot of homophobia - especially with the emergence of Aids (which stole Freddie from us). It's no secret that Bowie is Bi-sexual and Freddie was gay and I'm sure they had both been 'watching some good friends screaming 'Let me out' of the closet. As a gay may living in a straight world (lesser each day), the pressure to conform is enormous. Unfortunately that homophobia has led to a lot of "splits of families in two" and people living on the streets due to our laws which allow people to discriminate and deny gays housing and jobs. And most sadly, many suicides by young gays who can't take the pressure go crazy and commit suicide. Indeed, Love is the only answer. :-)

Bowie rules | Reviewer: krompa | 11/22/12

Growing up in the 80s I heard this song on numerous occasions. Like many people I was drawn in by the bassline and chorus. But recently I have listened in more depth to the lyrics, which must be some of the greatest lyrics ever written - and so apt for our time now. Its rare that a song can give me chills and make me well up in the space of a few minutes. Bowie is superb on this track. We will never see anyone like him in our lifetime.

Sublime. | Reviewer: CarBastard | 11/8/12

I'm astounded by the way I can relate to Mercury's lyrics. Excellent words, undeniably amazing vocals, pretty good musical arrangement. Queen has it all. It's one of the single most important and magnificent manifestations of music in the history of mankind, a true cultural icon.

Heard again for the first time with new wisdom | Reviewer: tintone | 8/31/12

I never really listened 2 the word for what they really meant till one day I woke up and realized what R&R is really about.LOVE - live with it because we cant live happily with out prosperity.U no what I mean , hopefully.

Givin' Love a Chance | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/12

Totally love this song. I heard the bass line on some stupid song and sometimes get it a little confused. Song has a good message too. We all should give love a shot cause love can change stuff. It's not my favorite Queen song, but its way better than most stuff today.

Instant favorite! | Reviewer: Fangbanger | 8/3/12

The minute the song started i knew i was going to love it forever.
I have heard the bass line in vanilla ice stupid song. But i never thought it was mercury and bowie original composition.

Give love one more chance ♥ | Reviewer: inlove with 'alex' lol | 7/12/12

This is actually one of my favorite queen songs, I love it :) And this part goes to 'alex' OMG, I totally know that feeling! I've always liked groups that my friends haven't even heard of, and that actually frustrates me.. Well, I totally share your opinion. Bye :D

why cant we give love that one more chance | Reviewer: alex | 6/30/12

I dont know why but I clicked on this song on my ipod and it was like I had never heard it before, it was absolutely amazing, if only people my age(highschoolers) weren't dumbasses, and could realize what a great song this is, and what a great band queen is...oh well. At least I know

I love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/12

This song is so deep. I just love it. Especially this one part impresses me: 'It's the terror of knowing what this world is about' - It always remembers me of the cave parable by Plato