Tears. | Reviewer: Sadie | 7/22/12

Singing this song in a theatre in front of about a hundred people is simply priceless. One of the songs of my life, really; I adore both Freddie's version and Brian's one, because they both have the essential ingredient: the soul.

Apt! | Reviewer: Jacqueline | 10/28/07

This is so true, "too much love will kill you just as sure as none at all", love is painful but you are better off having experienced it at least once! Kudos to Brian May for the awesome song that breaks my heart just a little bit more every time i hear it. Rest Easy Freddie knowing that you are forever immortalised in our hearts through Brian, Roger, John and your own words!
'And he realised that one minute, one second, with her was worth so much more to him than a lifetime without her'

TOO MUCH LOVE ! | Reviewer: QnkaT | 8/21/07

Yes, we're "headed for disaster
'cos you never read the signs"

Queen Rulez.. Love ya Freddie
This song remind me to Freddie T-T

My life | Reviewer: Fernando Jr | 9/4/06

These lyrics are simply the story of my life.
It doesn't mean that i'm about to die, it's just that my soul is already dead.
Freddie lives!! He was made in heaven.

Uh | Reviewer: Jolanta | 9/24/04

The best song i have ever heard!!!