QUEEN ROOOOOOCKKKKS | Reviewer: Harry | 12/10/13

It's "mumma" not "momma" and it's "mummy" not "mommy"
Americanism is wroooooong and anyway the correct English words "mumma" and "mummy" are the words sung in this song -_-
Anyways Queen are my all time fav band and this is one of my fav queen songs

I LOVE QUEEN | Reviewer: sergio | 11/15/10

Hi guys, im from argentina, and i think that it's the best band of the world, but its a pitty that freedy died... i don`t speak english very well.. but i said again that I LOVE QUEEN..



great song! | Reviewer: caz | 6/8/07

great song, great band, what more can i say?
this song gets me up in the morning, and is the first song my band play during practice!