This song is a piece of art | Reviewer: E.K. | 2/17/14

It makes me very emotional, as I think about my mom, who'd also gone too early. What a brave man Freddie was... being so ill, he sang his farewell song and smiled to all of us for the last time. The greatest singer and performer of all times, so humble but so strong. He did it his way.

Says more than I could say | Reviewer: David Bowman | 10/20/13

This is the only song that makes sense right now. My sis who's 44 has terminal cancer and has a few weeks left to live; will leave behind her 6 & 8 yr old daughters. Funny how some songs just put everything into perspective.

The Miracle , of Mercury | Reviewer: Taylor Graham | 9/15/13

This song has always made me look back at my life,and never in anger, Queen were absolutly geneius,especially Freddy,the ultimate
show man.
My only regret,i wish i had seen them performe,before Freddys demise,
As i always tell People Queen, will be heard long time after, the likes, of the so called X factor have come to an end ,and one direction , have gone the right direction .

Simply the best | Reviewer: Bill | 7/5/13

In my opinion Freddie Mercury was a true genius - a very rare and precious thing. His work influenced a generation in his own lifetime and even twenty or thirty years later these songs remain as profound and relevent as they were when they were first released. We miss you Freddie although we know you are rockin' in heaven.

Made in heaven | Reviewer: Sebastian | 6/16/13

I am sure I speak for all of us who posted their thoughts here when I say: We still love you too ... !!! Someone asked me once to play the best Queen song ... and as I searched for it i realized that it was an imposible choice ...
Freddie, I thank you for all that you have done for us , for your music and rest in peace knowing that your legacy, your music will LIVE FOREVER!

The Best | Reviewer: Geoff | 5/19/13

Been a Queen fan for ages, am 64 now and planning songs for my funeral although I hope its a long way off. Got to have this one as it says so much to my family and daughters. Thank you Queen for your great music and words that are actually worth listening to.

Fantastic Freddy and Queen | Reviewer: Brenda | 5/6/13

I am 72 and have been a Queen fan from the year dot. I had the first LP and found all of them super talents I so regret never seeing them live. But their music has played a hugh part in my life and I will go out to These are the days of our lives - magical!

Queen Live | Reviewer: Me | 12/22/12

I'm older now....I guess we all do that if we're lucky enough. I did get to see Queen live in Detroit during their News of the World tour. was simply amazing. I've seen them all now. I will date myself here....but my first concert was seeing Pink Floyd touring Dark Side of the Moon when they came through Detroit. Pink Floyd wasn't even popular at that point. I must say Floyd's music is deeper, but nobody....NOBODY could run an audience like Freddie. Kept you captivated and wanting more. Always will remember that show and his charisma. Freddie talked to the audience like we were sitting in his living room. It was a great night in Cobo.

When I look and I find I still love you.. | Reviewer: bobby thottum | 10/13/12

Kind of feels like a requiem sung by Queen - "That did to his death, and died so young? when he had a joy or a grief, put it into a song, so he resolved to embalm his love sorrow in music, and to compose a Requiem which should harrow up Freddie Mercury’s soul and melt the heart of every hearer.

So great and beautiful song... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/12

Queen is my favorite band ever.You can listen how that music exalt the soul.In these days no one can sing like freddie mercury used to do it.The lyrics are very touching and the voice is just great. Im 16 and i will listen queen all my life

Love and Hope | Reviewer: Matt | 6/5/12

A beautiful song written by the drummer Roger and sung beautifully by Freddie. Queen has been my favorite band since I turned 13 in 1973. I followed them from the beginning. Never got to see them live, but enjoy their live shows thanks to the internet.

Those days are all gone now | Reviewer: Louize | 9/13/11

I'm 22 & have always been a big fan of Queen, this song particularly has been one that means a lot. It reminds me so much of my life & now as a mother means even more "No use in sitting and thinkin' on what you did
When you can lay back and enjoy it through your kids". Freddie Mercury will forever live on in my heart, a pure genius.

Wow! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/6/11

Hi! I'm fourteen, but about two years ago I went to see the 'We Will Rock You' concert. I love Queen and this song is one of my favourites, along with Killer Queen and Who Wants to Live Forever?.

A classical beauty | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/10

The Lord gave Freddy a gift beyond words. The gift of a classical voice, and the talent with which to use it. This song in particular gave me new insight into Freddy's talent. It was and is a hauntingly beautiful piece, that I appreciate more and more as I get older. I'm 48 now, and I grew up with Queen. There are really no words to describe exactly, the poetic beauty of this song. God bless you, Freddy, you are missed and loved. Susan

FREDDIE | Reviewer: Witek | 9/15/10

One of the saddest song anyone has ever produced but it's great to see Freddie Mercury singing about life shortly before he died. It shows his passion and determination. What a great and fantastic character. He's dead but we still love him !
I love Freddie Mercury !