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Performed by Queen

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what a song | Reviewer: dominic | 9/8/07

im a lil queen fan
but when he died i was annoyed with myself of what had happend i listen to this song over and over cos it makes me feel proud of what he was
i love the tune and everthing
plz rip sir

Long Live Freddie Mercury | Reviewer: Karen | 9/5/07

What a powerful song. I'll never forget that I was on a trip to New York when I heard that he had died in '91. I was only 15 and I was SO sad. He was a musical genius with one of the greatest voices of all time. What a fitting song to be his last. There will never be another one like him!

Every honor for Freddie... | Reviewer: Vladimir | 8/29/07

Altough I love Freddie and I also think like many others that he has maybe the best voice on earth, I think that Elthon John with Queen performed this song the best. You can check the video on you tube ,its live performance, and write here what you think. Cheers!

*sobs* | Reviewer: L.B. | 8/22/07

i find this song kind of depressing, but also very inspiring.there will never be another freddie- ever. i just wish i could have been born sooner so i could have seen them live.

best queen song | Reviewer: vlad | 8/22/07

I belive is the best queen song but also I like many others. I didn't know that is the last song. Very sad.

Strong Meaning | Reviewer: Filip | 8/14/07

I think this song is telling much about the ppl and contains very strong and clear words. It's about the point of our living, coz that's the most terrible thing: we're living for what the others live, and we're ashamed and affraid to live in our own way with our own purposes... GREAT SONG!!! FORZA QUEEN!!!

Greatest song !!! | Reviewer: Tania | 8/7/07

I adore this song, even if it makes me sad !!!
The best group and the best song ever !!!!

Answer to Canadian | Reviewer: Julian | 8/4/07

Freddie could not perform this song live, because that was his last song in his life. There is a record of him, singing up this song in a studio. You should look for it, very staggering... He was so ill soon that time... And he could sing like this...
He will stay with us forever!

THIS IS SUCH A COOL SONG!!!!! | Reviewer: Ania | 7/11/07

OMG i luv this song! Frddies voice is soooo amazing, i wish i could have seen him perform live!!!! :) i luv u freddie - awsum song

this song will leave you speechless! | Reviewer: Canadian | 7/4/07

did freddie ever sing this live?!?! i've been looking for a recording and i cant find one! it's one of the most amazing songs i've ever heard...bah i'd really like a live recording of it though soo if anyone knows where i can find one leave a comment plz!!

I love Freddie Mercury | Reviewer: Rebecca | 7/1/07

My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies,
Fairy tales of yesterday, will grow but never die,
I can fly, my friends!I love you Freddie estes donde estes,you stays always in my heart♥♥♥

wow... | Reviewer: Tatyana | 6/23/07

I love this song very much and i want to listen it but it is tot painful... It just reminds me that Freddie Mercury is gone... No one could ever sing like him!!!

Meaning | Reviewer: Marc | 6/23/07

The meaning of this song is very important, the version of Freddie Mercury was a little before he died, and it means that without Freddie Mercury, Queen has to continue making wonderful songs, but i think thet didn't get it.
After he died, Queen made another version of The Show Must Go On, but it's better Freddie's song.

Freddie died in 1991, and in 1992, he was going to sing the song Barcelona for the Olimpics of this city, but unfortunately, he died of SIDA before.

Great Song | Reviewer: Stanislava | 6/9/07

Ilove this song......This is the best song of QUEEN !!!!!!!!!

Amazing! | Reviewer: Paladin | 6/8/07

I cry with tears, looking the last concert of Freddie.He was dressed like king. He wanted to be remembered like king. About lyrics- I think Freddie knows something very spiritual- soul is immortal. Show must go on!

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