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Performed by Queen

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Queen was just another wonder of th world | Reviewer: a small fan | 5/6/10

i was 12 i first knew who queen r when i got greatest hits II (i think i was 6-7 when i listened to we will rock u bt i never knew who was doing it), anyway, ths song is sooo heartbreaking, yet it gives a strength feeling, damn tht guy freddie is amazing !! th way he says "hold th line" or "i'll face it -> i have to find th will to carry on ", th final SHOOOOW scream, th gentle guitar solos, thy all make my heart stop for a few seconds, after further looking on the miracle, innuendo, made in heaven, i think if he had more time in his life meter, queen would've made a rocking overload !! nd u gotta give im to brian, he made so many brilliant songs in such a short period
i just dnt like th silence part at th end (nd dnt like paul rogers)

poor sir Elton xÐ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/10

after hearing it from elton john, i felt a ltl sorry 4 him, i mean freddie totally screwed him (not actual screwing-coz they were both ..... u know, nd i dnt want to start no rumor, bt who knows wat happens behind closed doors :P:P) nd i must ask WHERE THE HELL DID HE GET THAT POWER TO DO SUCH A GREAT SONG ??? nd where did he get th power to say those words in such power knowing that he will be dead after a short while (he died 2 weeks after releasing innuendo)

The "other" swan song | Reviewer: Meg | 2/11/10

Most true fans consider "These Are the Days of Our Lives" to be Freddie's swan song, but for me, this is it. Beautiful, powerful, heart-breaking, stunning...I could go on. It amazes me that he could even sing this so well, given his poor health. Just shows that he truly meant what he was singing...God bless you, Freddie, we miss you.

An unforgettable piece of music that touches every heart | Reviewer: Niloo | 12/20/09

heart I don't find words to describe the beauty of " The Show Must Go On ". Can you believe Freddie sang this song, while he could barely stand on his feet? He was such a strong and brave person and I really appreciate him for that. Despite the glory and perfection of this song, I can't listen to it too much. Because it makes me depressed and just reminds me that Freddie has left us forever. (But his memory lives on!)

SO good. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/09

This song conveys such powerful emotions, it nearly moves me to tears every time I hear it. Accepting death is one of the most difficult things a person can do, and not only does Freddie do it, but he does so with absolutely no fear. This is his way of saying to death, "Bring it on." The music video, with all the clips of their older videos is amazing too. Talk about going out with a bang. Pure genius.

forever freddie x | Reviewer: saj ditta | 9/1/09

during the final years of queen brian roger did write for freddie eg,how freddie was feeling al the way bdak to the miracle realy,its a shame how many great tracks wur left out for the miracle@innuendo as kan be heard on youtube,,most of them should of bin on made in heaven wata mess they made of dat jus shows wat freddie input was worth..godbless freddie we miss u oh so much forever freddie.

forever queen | Reviewer: saj ditta | 8/31/09

freddie amazingly sings this song with so much power@feel,he does so easily while other singers struggle even with a note,it is about pain life and death but not to give up during the final years brian wrote for freddie how he felt eg reading freddies mind its a great masterpiece a true testament to freddie and queen,its like every note guitar vocal drums bass near heartbreak giving their final best im sure u know wat im on about,godbless freddie@queen.


It was originally sung in falsetto by brian because he thought freddie wouldn't be well enough to top the high notes but freddie really nailed it and took the song to the next level.. My favourite some because it's layered with raw emotion.

Freddie DID write this | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/31/08

theardri -

you are completely wrong about this song. it was written by freddie and brian may. it is not about may's relationship difficulties - the song you are thinking about is "too much love will kill you".

Guys.. | Reviewer: theardri | 12/18/08

Just an FYI this song was NOT written by Freddie. It's come out since that one of the others (I beleive Brian) wrote it about his disintigrating first marriage. Several songs on the Album are clearly about Fred and his impending death. But not this one

answer to get over it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/27/08

why're you such an asshole?, couldn't you be a little more simpathetic about it? yes, I agree with the many other people who say they feel the song and what Freddie felt before he died, but, obviously you don't, somebody get this fucker a heart!!, don't you know art is for everyone, and, as for lyrics, every single one of us gives (and feels) according to the moment they're going through.

besides, if you don't know, don't talk, you better shut your fucking mouth before somebody hits you so bad you won't be able to remember you own name.


Big Acceptance | Reviewer: Pelin | 11/23/08

Accepting your death like that this is big this is reaching the nirvana...

He's at the top of the world and leave the world at the top he's the best yes he can give more but at least he live everything good everthing a people wants and accepts his cancer and his death this is really big

An innovative and inspirational masterpiece! | Reviewer: Taylor Shaffer | 9/21/08

THis song is very mataphorical and amazing. the "stage" or "show" is his occupation and the "pantomime" is what people see and think is his real like im a director of plays and music video and this, my friends, is my magnum opus, my bohmian rhapsody!
it shows how freddie felt about his death and i absoulutly adore this song!!!!!!!

LOVE THIS SONG!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/29/08

It's an song that...I even have words to describe it so very well. I think that,when you just read it,you can feel everything that Freddie felt.These words are something that stays for many years in hearts of,not just only gays,it stays in hearts of everybody...I love it!!!I Love Freddie!!!

Dont under estimate!! grrrrr | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/26/08

I have just finished performing the musical 'we will rock you' for my secondary school. In my opinion you can't get much better, emotion hitting words anywhere else. Ok, so this song wasn't in the musical but many others were And out of all the songs in this musical none were anywhere as good as this one.
This is one of the best songs written and performed by Queen. For me to say that at the age of thirteen, must mean something, right? I mean, i didn't exactly grow up with my parents listening to Queen, because my parents aren't their greatest fans in the world.
Personally, this song just shows what courage and bravery Freddie Mercury had toward his future, alive or not. I especially love the lines: 'In side my heart is breaking,
My make-up may be flaking,
But my smile still stays on.' I love them, those lines are so inspiring.
I think everyone misses Freddie, for him how he was. How open he was about his sexuality and how inspiring he was to other people.
I just wish he was still alive today. Atleast he died a hero X X X X Luv U Freddie X X X X

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