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Performed by Queen

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Gorgeous | Reviewer: Christian Bodyrlaw | 6/3/07

Not only for the Queen's fans but for everybody who loves good music this song is definitely one of the greatest ever.

I love it! | Reviewer: veronica | 5/23/07

I don't know much about Freddie but I love him, althogh is not here anymore, love the song the meaning of the words is just amazing and the good thing is that almost all his songs are amazing.

Most emotional song ever | Reviewer: Random | 5/11/07

I have never heard a song where the singer puts so much into it- it rocks.

Respect | Reviewer: Sarah | 5/1/07

I'll just say Freddy is so gorgeous and emotional singer I ever heard.. It's true: The Show Must go ON!!!

corrections: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/27/07

First, this was written mainly by Brian May, but all others collaborated, so its a group effort.

Second, Freddie sang this many months before he died, as this song was released in the album Innuendo in the beginning of 1991 ( 8 months before Freddie's passing). The last song he wrote was a Winter's Tale and the last one he sang was Mother Love (both can be found on made in heaven) and even those were composed and performed a few months before he died.

Just beautiful | Reviewer: Claire | 4/23/07

This is just one of my favourite songs... Played live by some of my friends it's just mesmerizing. The music is heavenly beautiful. Serious there are no other words for it. Played live, it just transports you to I don't know where but it's just unbelievable. Thanks guys for writing it, thanks guys for playing it... Thanks Brian and Freddy...

absolute fave of all time | Reviewer: DeE-dEe | 4/1/07

one of the most amazing songs i have ever heard.. fell in luv with it the moment i heard it.. the lyrics.. the music.. the voices.. everything iz simply perfect.. QUEEN ROCK!

"The Show Must Go On". One of the best songs ever | Reviewer: someone | 3/7/07

I don't know much about Freddie Mercury, but I do know, that there will never be a better singer than he was. And I also know that he singed this song the day before he died (if i remember right). And without a doubt its honestly the best and the most beatiful song from Queen. To think that it wasn't Freddies handwriting, the words from his mouth were nothing but pure emotions. But not just from him or Brian May. Feelings from all of them i would say. Rest in peace Freddie Mercury

Some things that you should know | Reviewer: Jesse Brands | 3/6/07

The Song 'The Show must go On' was written by Brian May, the Guitarist, a fantastic song, and a footage of Queen's music, but Queen's song are all fantastic in their own way, you might not like every song as much, but they are all great.

It was sung by Freddie Mercury when he dieing of Aids, a remarkable prestation. We should respect how Queen made music, nowadays, Music is only rushed and done quickly anyway, like 50 Cents and Snoop Dogg, horrible music, but that's my taste.

The drumming, the guitar, the singing and the background choir the singers make are simply perfect. Everything is timed precisely, it's perfect from the begin to the end.

There will be by far no more band like Queen. Perhaps some band of the same calibre, but Queen is Legendary, that goes for all of them, not just Freddie Mercury, may we remind that all the persons of Queen finished the Conservatorium and we're all ingenious.

Just my 2 cents,

Perfect song | Reviewer: love freddie | 2/21/07

this song is magnificent and it has such pain in it that only one who was aching could have written. its by freddie mercury and was the last song he's written before he died.

such a heartfelt song | Reviewer: susan | 2/22/07

an amazing song like many others in the second volume of greatest hits by Queen : i feel emotions for once when i listen to them, especially this one, Headlong, I want it all, and of course one of the saddest songs ever "Who wants to live forever" - and we now know he didn't :'(

amazing! | Reviewer: John | 2/7/07

Brian May wrote this beautiful work of art when he found out that Freddie was dying of AIDS. This is my favorite song. Ever.

even better if you think about it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/06

This is an example of one of sever Queen songs that are very good, but mean so much more whan you think about the lyrics and consider that they were sung by a man who knew that he was dying.

Great | Reviewer: Mikaƫl | 11/26/06

The BIGGEST song by Queen... So wonderful... But this one was written by Brian May the guitarist of Queen, not by Freddie.

Words can't explain | Reviewer: adam | 9/16/06

No words could sum up this song, A truly great song prehaps the most emotional song of all time, I love it so much. Freddy Mercury is such a brave man, I just can't describe how much i love this

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