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Performed by Queen

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Songs and life | Reviewer: Pavlína | 10/2/13

Across the course of the year, across the years, the words seem to reflect Brian May´s course of life. Among the famous people who have done their best to combat clinical depression, his personality definitely protrudes. And he deserves to enjoy every such holiday to the full, especially with his ability of observing the starry sky. Love and peace to him.

the best song | Reviewer: Catalina | 11/30/11

another beautiful song of the Queen I love this song

Freddie Is a Hunk Of Persian Chocolate! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/17/11

Freddie had such a great voice. So powerful. It could shatter you like a stone through glass. He was bloody genious! Anyone who says different is a dumb old sod. Praise to Brian and Roger for a bloody fabulous x-mas song. I play it every x-mas and all the days in between! Long live Queen!

Just Wonderfull | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/31/09

Beautifull Song. Nothing to say. The Song itself tells you about it.
I cannot imagine a living without celeberating Xmas.
What a mighty voice. Superb.
Sen k. Mathew
India, Kerala, Tiruvalla.[From Info Park Cochin]

Another Queen Masterpiece | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/08

Thank God It's Christmas in my opinion is absolutely wonderful. Hopefully it will catch on someday as a normal part of this holiday.
What's there not to like?
Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon are impeccable song writers.

Amazing and Ever Meaningful - THANK YOU | Reviewer: Joy | 11/4/08

This Composition really does say it all. It is so meaningful. The beat of the music; the ever-emotive voice of Freddie and those so, so special lyrics ensure this song will never fade away. I have to agree with other reviews that this performance is so under-rated. Thank you for a beautiful song that I listen to over and over again and never tire of hearing it. Just what is it when Freddie sings 'Oh my love we've had our share of tears, Oh my friend, we've had our hopes and fears' and indeed the whole of the first verse that is so real to life and deeply moving?
'All my friends, on this one day of days - Thank God it's Christmas.'

A beautiful Christmas song | Reviewer: Kevin | 12/14/07

This song is so beautiful it is truly a shame to only listen to it around Christmas every year. Since it was not released on any of Queen's studio albums and was only included on one of their greatest hits packages it is a song not many people are familiar with. What a shame and what a loss! Still I seek it out every Christmas and enjoy revisiting it until the next Christmas comes along. Roger Taylor & Brian May did a wonderful job composing the lyrics and Freddie Mercury, of course, does a magnificent job in bringing those words to life and giving them meaning. Our loss in losing Freddie so soon was surely Heaven's gain as he is now singing hymns with the angels. Definitely a one-of-a-kind voice and personality.

It doesn't matter | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/5/07


It does not matter, that you orthodox, or catholic, you celebrate christmas on the 25th of december or on the 6th of januar. The only thing is the family, which can be as one for this day.

Freddie, Brian, John, Roger, that song is incredible...

08.07.2007 | Reviewer: ivona | 7/8/07

Love this song...Thank God we have Christmas!
Although I'm ortodox...we have the same warm feeling when we hear it!

best christmas song ever | Reviewer: james marriott | 12/13/05

the best christmas song ever this song is so under should be rereleased PLEASE

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