it's hard | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/23/14

why does every kid nowadays listen to dubstep and not real people singing and playing instruments? you know, Queen was hated a bit for using a fucking synthesizer at The Game album! it's hard for me to win my schoolfriends in music stuff, 'cause they've been brainwashed to like the music that is new. it's wrong, so wrong.

THIS is real music!

- 14-year-old girl, who listens to good old Queen

absolute awesomeness | Reviewer: rocker1235922 | 5/10/14

possible one of my most favorite songs, it always tends to calm me down even if I feel like I want to disappear. Kind of cheesy but i'll love it either way.

FANTABULOUS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/13

Finally some real music unlike crap like One Direction or Justin Beiber! Anyway its good to listen to awesome sauce music w/o being judged by a bunch of 13 year old's who think good musics disgusting cuz they're hypnotized to like trash!

Best song in the world | Reviewer: Farrel | 3/10/13

This song is totally awsome I LOVE IT, even though I was 16. Now I have it in my phone and I play it over n over again.Way to go Queen even you already break apart,but your songs & Freddy's voice would still alive till the eternity, FLY WITH ME! :):D

Perfect | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/12

This song is the best, I can't believe that their are people that listen to Justin Beiber or One Direction or Maroon Five when there are gems like these out there. I may be thirteen, but in smarter then a lot of twenty year olds when it comes to music. THIS SONG ROX!!!!

Such a good song | Reviewer: LordPage | 8/12/12

but what do you expect from queen? I love all of them from the tasty rock of Queen to that emotional made in heaven, and that spectacular solos from sir brian may, that really hard drums from roger or that underrated bass player and good writer called john deacon. Really, I'll love them forever

Love it | Reviewer: sandy | 8/31/11

I adore this song, I can never get enough of Queen.
This song is so inspiring. It has a perfect balance, You can really appreciate Freddie's capacity in this beautiful piece.
The song is just amazing, It`s like good news, they are letting you know you have the power to choose whether you stay at the emerald bar or fly away, you are a free man....Just amazing!!!

The wings stand majestic today | Reviewer: Sonofx51 | 3/23/11

I actually didnt listen to the original song today, but a cover by Blind Guardian. I have heard the original, its charming, well written and inspiring. Just today it made me realize what potential i have,'and to just spread your wings, free yourself qnd do what you love.

Im in a depression myself, i think this motivated me to start drawing again. =)

Awesome | Reviewer: Lee | 3/7/11

I am 15 years old, I've been listening to Queen for about a year and I am a HUGE fan as I have listened to 185 songs by them. This song is a great as any song produced by Queen and it will stay like that for eternity :)

Kickass | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/26/10

Why is everyone my age (13) only interested in the music there told to listen to by the media?? Am I the only one who likes good songs like spread your wings??

Anyways,this song kicks Justin bieber in whatever he has down their

my savior | Reviewer: Danielle | 5/24/10

I cannot mention how many times i have sat down on a cold winters night doing my insane amount of homework, and this song saved me... It reminds me that there is always another option and another place better waiting just over the hill... i will forever fly with freddie

my wings are healed | Reviewer: siva | 7/21/09

This song is immaculately crafted by them.The lyrics by deacon just flows like honey and May weaves his phenomenal magic again.Taylor does some precise drumming and with Mr.Flamboyant doing the lead this turns out to be a touching awesome song.

Great song | Reviewer: Laura | 7/12/09

This is a great, beautiful song, it's a shame it's a bit underated and still unknown for most people... maybe some day some band covers this song and more people get to listen to it... but nobody could sing it like Freddie...

"Now Listen Boy!" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/27/09

I love this song because not only of the really good and thoughtful lyrics but because of the great tune and rhythms. John has made a really good effort on this song. I have only one tiny problem with this song- the guitar solo. IT is rather short and lacks complication, but the rest of the song more than makes up for this.

queen | Reviewer: flotcup | 12/10/07

wow.. i love this song.
the vocal is so strong, jhon is doing well w/ the bass, i love the beat of the drums and brian is so fantastic,...