so under-rated! | Reviewer: Natasha | 12/8/07

This song doesn't get half the credit it deserves compared to many other Queen songs. My favourite track on the album and it does all of the members justice.

hymn | Reviewer: claude | 11/22/07

this is one of the songs one should hear each morning, just to remember that escaping from our emerald bar is a right. great voice freddy. this song is perfect because of you.

great song | Reviewer: Stu Allan | 9/22/07

One of the best Queen songs, well written by John Deacon, and the vocals!!!! what can you say..Freddie you will always be in our hearts forever!

Love this song!!! | Reviewer: Jeff | 3/31/07

If you have never heard really should....great lyrics, combined with Freddie Mercurys soaring voice, killer combo!

Great Song!! | Reviewer: Delilah Mercury | 3/15/07

I really love this song, one of my fav. of Queen...
Freddie, we still remember you!!! ♥

This Could Be My Last Chance | Reviewer: Charlotte | 2/28/07

Awesome song, makes me get goosebumps everytime. Can't beat Freddie's most excellent voice. A classic indeed!

...flying with Freddie! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/15/07

Boy, what a song! Wonderful sound, touching lyrics and a powerful voice... One of the less known classics of rock.

classic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/16/06

Just a great song...beginning to end. Don't know it? You should stop what your doing and go buy it now.