damb | Reviewer: mike | 4/23/07

that is the best queen song. not bad for a queer. i sure like that queer. he is pretty cool.

oh boy | Reviewer: tammy | 2/8/07

this song just touches my heart
favourite song ever

Best of all times! | Reviewer: Pelin Teğmen | 1/30/07

Of all the Queen songs,it is hard to choose but this is my number one of all the times! A sensitive female feeling with strong male tunes and a grand choir. That is the thing making this song so unique so warm and so great!

An amazing performance! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/06

I've never heard of three people using their voices to create the sound of an entire choir. A true masterpiece!

great song | Reviewer: queen | 5/3/06

great harmony

A Great Song | Reviewer: Patrick | 9/16/04

If You Like Bohemian Rhapsody you'll like this song from Queen's 1976 album A Day at the Races. Listen to this song with a good piano intro by Freddie Mercury and includes the whole band singing.

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