Forever In Love... | Reviewer: Nicole | 9/3/13

I am a 33 year old Black Female and I am Forever in love with Queen and Freddie Mercury!!!! Hands down, the best band of the Century. All of the songs, especially this one, are timeless, and hopefully generations to come will appreciate Queen as much as I!

he ruined this song | Reviewer: Gerardo | 3/8/13

this song is one of the best i ever heard in my life, it meant so much for me... but unfortunately i can't take the pain off of my mind since i watched a video of Mauricio Macri singing it. Oh please don't ever watch that, for the sake of your health and good taste. thanks for the space.

15 and lovin Queen | Reviewer: gvh | 3/31/12

15 yrs old and like the author of 'someone still love you' my friends love Rhianna and other artists like that. Loooooooove Queen! Bohemian Rhapsody and this song are my all-time favorite songs. Peace! RIP Freddie.

Someone still love you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/11

I'm a 14 year old girl.
All my friends listen to Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and stuff.
But I am not like them - I'm in love with Queen.
And I will help them live forever. (actually they already do, but whatever haha

I think this is one of the best songs of Queen.
It's perfect in every way!
Maybe it sounds a little awkward, but I can't live without this!

Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/6/11

Happy birthday Freddie!! This is one of the best songs ever written!! Queen will always be my favorite band and I'm happy to say I hear my 4 yr old singing this song!! It fills my heart with happiness to know that the planet was sooo lucky to have such awesome art have graced us!! Awesome guys just awesome!!

Review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/8/10

in the begining it's Can't barely stand on my feet.
it should be..Can barely stand on my feet.
this song is nice..I've first heard it when Queen performed one of the best show Morumbi-SP in 1981...132.000 people.

Freddie, You are amazing | Reviewer: Freeman | 12/3/09

Damn, everytime i sing this song, I always got the feel (mostly because i don't have somebody to love, and yeah it just fit this song)
brilliant, freddie, brilliant
Rest In Peace, Freddie Mercury, One of the greatest songwriters of all time

THE BEST SONG | Reviewer: Constanza | 7/2/09

Because of Somebody to love, BOoemian Rapsody and others, I belive Queen it's the best!!!
I mean, every song is different: the rythm, the music, the lyric, the messenge... EVERY SONG IS UNIQUE!!!

Thanks Manuela...!!!

- | Reviewer: Tina | 5/7/09

I've always loved this song, but lately I seem to be hearing it at very inappropriate times (like when I took my 18-yr-old cat to get put down) so that's kind of dampened it for me a little.
And of course my favorite part of this song is when they start out singing at pianissimo and crescendo all the way up to fortissimo. I greatly appreciate your dynamics, gentlemen! :D

What a song and group | Reviewer: Steve | 11/8/07

I love this song. There will never be another Queen. Freddie Mercury voice is perfect for this song.

a song for every lonely heart out there | Reviewer: karl marx | 9/11/07

This song sends chills down my spine every time I listen to it! Just Sir Freddie Mercury singing the first word, it just makes me want to explode into a ball of fireworks everytime I hear it this song relates to my life so much, it's like he wrote the song for me and I wasn't even born when it was written!!!

queen rocks | Reviewer: vicky | 8/19/07

The band queen is like the best band ever.Love there songs and every thing!

Unrealized Modern Opera | Reviewer: Peter | 7/18/07

Opera is life in review. Queen music has been commemorated for many years, and it has always been so simple to relate to in every day life. I am 59 years old, I still appreciate their concept. Mercury could have achieved anything he conceived, but shit happens. For those of you that dwell over his reputation, get over it. He is or was our generations legacy to Opera. I for one miss his talent. Open your ears and eyes, then enjoy the journey. My personal favorite, Somebody To Love.
Peace to you all!

Best Song | Reviewer: Seronica | 6/16/07

I love this song. It's worth listening to yall and yall should listen to it.

:) | Reviewer: Jessi | 5/11/07

I love this song!!! It's great: the lyrics, the voices, the music, everything! I really enjoy listening Queen.. And Bohemian rhapsody is perfect too!