my favourite... | Reviewer: ElliE | 2/13/07

I love this song, I honestly think it's the best from Queen...I feel so close to the lyrics at some times, it's absolutely amazing! I sometimes wonder if Brian May wrote them for me! lol

great brack up song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/06

great song for the borcken heart, just why dose it say "I nacked and im far from home"

A amazingly emotional song that can bring tears to the eyes of the weak-at-heart. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/06

This song is one of Queens best. This song is comnparable to masterpieces such as "Killer Queen" and "Somebody To Love".

One of the bests | Reviewer: Csongor | 8/4/04

"Save Me" from "Queen" is one of the most moving love songs ever recorder. The lyrics are in perfect harmony with the music. Despite the fact that I am a man close to 30, whenever I hear this masterpiece, I can hardly resist crying.