QUEEN FOREVER | Reviewer: Alisa | 10/24/10

Iam just 10 years old and Queen is my second favorite band.My first is Kiss, but you guys totally rock!I am huge Queen fan! My favorite Queen song is Bohemian Rhapsody. That song is so cool!It's so cool when you guys can higher your voice and then you can lower it back down again! I deffently can't do that. But I am only 10 years old.Queen will go on forever and forever! My favorite Queen bad member is Freddie Mercury R.I.P. It was so sad when he died I heard...

Queen is well..............AWSOME!!! | Reviewer: Jack | 6/2/10

Queen has to be the best band of all time with their legendary preformence in 1985 live aid the band queen proved to the world how increbibly awsome andoutstanding they were!FREDDIE WILL NEVER DIE!!

since i first heard a niht at the oprea | Reviewer: julie morgsn | 5/26/10

in 1975 only 8 i got my first Queen alblum and have been a true fanatic of Queen...i know alot about the band and members...from the last song freddie recorded to the what the "red special" is and how it was made....i love Queen to the point itdrives my friends batty...i was privledged enough to see them live in the us in 1982.....and they opened for billy squire...that was an insult..long live fredie and the bands music will carry on for many more generations..

My 'personal' QUEEN histology | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/10/10

I can recall hearing QUEEN while stationed in San Diego back in early 1974! Ther folowing fall,I was transferred to NYC with QUEEN II in the album collection. On further review, even "Sam Goody's" had not heard of Queen, yet I had the first 2 albums. I had music that NO ONE else had in the NY area.
I saw 'QUEEN' a number of years later, in MPLS, MN...merely months before Freddie passed away. Shall always recall that concert. To date,as an lod 'parade percussionist', Roger Taylor is the 'smoothest/cleanest' percussionist I have ever heard....and that includes a LOT of great company I hae seen/heard---Buddy Rich, Ginger Baker, Gene Krupa,etc.

Queen always on my play list | Reviewer: Allison | 5/31/09

Hi im 34yrs of age living in Australia.
I grew up in the late 70s and early 80, and loved
the sweet melodys of Freddie as well as the fantastic rock that came from the band.
The four of them on stage was electrifying only sad that i was not able to see them rock the roof off Wembley Stadium. Have it on dvd doesnt do them justice.
Their music and love of life and all things musicl have inspired many a concert performance in my living room and has inspired a new generation of Queen fans who adore their music.
Always listened to and forever in our hearts pumping out their unique sound
thank you

Albin4ever | Reviewer: albin | 2/18/09

Hello!!!! I'm Albin from Albania 18 years old. I like the older music N' on at all 4 me are Queen. My favourite songs of him is < Bohemians Rhapsody N' We are the Champions > N' some other. I have so many 2 say 4 Queen but Bye Bye!!

awsome music | Reviewer: Joe & Jocelyn | 1/12/09

We are only 12 and 9 years old and we love your song we will rock you, and we gonna start to listen more of your history and songs. We are impact with this song. WE LOVE YOUR SONG. FROM NOW ON WE ARE YOUR FANNNNNNNSSSSSSSSSSSS. JAN12/2009

Kevin Li in Hong Kong | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/1/08

I've been love Queen's music since last year, i know it's a bit late that can't see their fantastic concert, it's just a great pity in my life.
I also agree with Darrel in Oregon's message that every time I listen to some Queen's songs are really take my breath away, like "Who wants to live forever?", it just captured me with Freddie's passionate voice, this brings me to tears. Thanks Queen!

queen forever! | Reviewer: orland padilla | 9/28/08

love listening to queen's music...i admire their moves, freddie's voice, brian's sleek style, john's coolness, not to mention roger's expertise in drum playing. if i have one wish to make....i wish that they live forever!

Queen | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/22/08

I'm just 10 y/o.And I'm a really big fan of queen!!!
for me,the best band in the WHOLE WORLD is QUEEN!!!I love queen...and my fave is Freddie Mercury&Brian May.I really love them.I've seen lots of young fans of Queen,but I think I'm the youngest.Happy Birthday to Freddie!!!I'll NEVER EVER forget QUEEN.Lots of love,oh and I think John Deacon,Freddie Mercury&Brian May are handsome guys...Ke!Ke!Ke!I LOVE QUEEN!!!I'M GLAD TO BE A FAN OF QUEEN!QUEEN...Forever in our hearts...

excellent | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/28/08

this was a great research that my tutor forced me to do. No affense but this was pretty good for my tutor to force to do. i hope you do research on another thing so i can learn more. Good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Queen | Reviewer: Lily | 5/25/08

Queen is soo inspiring to listen to! I am 13 years old I was just reading all the comment above and there are lots of 11 and 12 year old so I just wanted to post a comment :P
I LOVE QUEEN~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!

Queen fan forever | Reviewer: Joann | 5/21/08

I was glad I found this, I have learn alot about Queen, and I must say, I have been a fan for the last 20 yrs. Queen music is the best there was in the 70's & 80's with Freddie's voice, no one will ever come close to his beautiful golden voice and the full impact of emotion he put in everyone of his songs. He died to damn young, I love watching their videos, and listening to their interviews. They have all grown up over the years, and all damn good looking men compare to today music group. I could less if Freddie was gay, it was his voice that ROCK.
It does my heart good to hear the young people today falling in love with Queen's music. Yes,they are the best group around and always will be.

excellent | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/08

wow! i learned a lot from Queen biography! this will get me an A+ on my SA. Thanks you very much! i will tell everybody what program i used for this! Wh ever made this website is a genius!I should use this website again! You did a great job. It taught me a lot ever since i got on this computer. So thanks again for making me get an A+ on my SA, from this website. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pinguuh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/25/07

I'm surprised to see so many people aged from 11 to 15 hating the crap that's going constantly on the radio like rap techno and hip hop... I'm a bit older myself and totally obsessed with Queen and Freddie, will never stop listening to them!