Queen | Reviewer: Tara | 4/22/07

I am 19 years old. I grew up with my parents listening to queen, and like some of these other kids I started really falling in love with queen. I listen to them all the time it is the only way to get through the day. Young or old everyone loves queen Freddie has the best vocals I have ever heard his voice will live on for all of eternity!!! Bryan is one of the greatest guitar payers in rock and roll!!!

remakes suck | Reviewer: matt | 3/11/07

yeah i think... i KNOW queen is the greatest band of all time. i just hate the remakes others do. u know what im talking about. elton john and guns and roses did 1. they suck. just let queen sing we will rock you.

International Queen Fan member for life | Reviewer: carolyn hwang | 3/1/07

I've been a Queen fan since the age of 11 and had been a member of the International Queen Fan Club from age 12. I have many cherished memories of my older brother and I listening to all the records and singing along to all the songs. I don't really need this site because I already know ALL the words to all the songs. My brother died in 1980 and my biggest regret on top of losing him was that he missed out on following Queen's ensuing career. He would have LOVED the "I wanna break free" video. It's my all-time favorite thing to watch. It's the best! Losing my brother was a great loss to me. But when Freddie died in 1992, I felt like I lost my brother again, and I still cry whenever I think about it. Queen IS the greatest band of the century, of the world, FOREVER and EVER. LONG LIVE QUEEN!

Irreplaceably the best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/21/07

Queen is THE greatest band of the century. Furthermore, no one CAN and no one WILL bable to replace the awsomeness that is: Freddie Mercury. NO ONE!!

Course Work | Reviewer: Roxy | 9/10/06

i only came on this website coz i hav 2 make a presentation on something i a passionate about. all i no is Queen. they are the champions and always wil be. i think just reading these reveiws and noticing how they're basically all by teenagers show how amazing queen really were and how they are STILL reaching people in the same way they always have. there are good bands around 2day, but none ever have or ever will come close to the miracle that is Queen.

Queen - The Reviews, the Legends | Reviewer: Michael Scapp | 8/17/06

I review Queen on Epinions.com all the time. Everyone should go and check out my Queen reviews, here:


~ QUEEN RULES ~ <3 @-->-->--- | Reviewer: Lucy | 6/21/06

I have loved Queen since I was about 5. I am now 13 and listen to them every day. I can't get enough of them. I also can't believe the garbage (rap) that people listen to today. Freddie, Brian (<3), Roger, and John were and still are amazing!!! @ We Are The Champions @ Long live QUEEN!

Queen was, is, and always will be AWESOME!! | Reviewer: Erica | 5/21/06

Wow! Many times before I became a 15-year old Queen-obsessed fan I had heard some of their songs and never realized who I was listening to. I just thought, "That was a great song!", and then I'd go on listening to other music.

Well, I watched the American Idol where Queen's music was featured and heard Kelly sing "Bohemian Rhapsody." I had also heard that song before, but I decided to find out more about it and the people behind the song.

I was amazed! I read biographies about Queen, bought some CDs,... I fell in love with Queen (especially Roger Taylor because he's so gosh darn gorgeous! ^_^).

I really wish that more people would listen to them and realize that most of the stuff they hear now is complete garbage (i.e. most rap, etc., etc.). Not all modern music is bad, mind you, but a lot of it is. I mean, never have I heard a curse word in one of Queen's songs. Many songs today are overflowing with cursing and other horrible things that meet the ears of teens and adults alike.

Anyway, I cannot find any band or singer better than Queen, and I'm sure I never will. Freddie, Roger, John, and Brian were extraordinary performers. Their music will continue to live on as long as their fans listen to their spectacular music. Spread the word about Queen! <3


IM 14 Years OLD and I think Qeen IS stell the BEST, Ilisten to thme evry day and i try listening 2 other artists but theri not the same!!! Qeen was | Reviewer: Tamas | 2/14/06

IM 14 Years OLD and I think Qeen IS stell the BEST, I listen to them, every day and they are the greatest!!! sadly freddy died and qeen is not the same withoute him :(((!!!

Queen | Reviewer: Bianca | 12/9/05

I can't believe how many young people like Queen. I am only 14 years old and I love the band I play there music all the time. Freddie has an amazing voice that will never be forgotten. I LOVE QUEEN!

QUEEN ROCK | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/21/05

I love Queen so much it must have started when I was little (now 18) and would watch wayne's world I and II repetitively. I lso loved the biographies on ACDC and Led Zeppelin which also rock! except the author spelt my country wrong instead of saying Australia you wrote AUSTRIA!!!!!!

The legend lives on... | Reviewer: Sarah | 8/2/05

I've tried to find music that's better than Queen.
Maybe I need more than 17 years of life to find it but I doubt it.

The legend lives on...

qeen just ROCKS | Reviewer: nick | 6/23/05

if you are an a-typical normal 12-yr old and you listen to that rap garbage, when you hear queen you will just simply never be the same again. i've been a huge queen fan since i was 7, i'm now 12, and it disgusts me, the stuff ppl listen to these days. Queen Rocks!!!

QUEEN... The Greatest, PERIOD! | Reviewer: Darrell in Oregon | 5/15/05

Queen is without a doubt the GREATEST BAND EVER! Notice that I didn't say "ROCK BAND." The music that Queen released went well beyond Rock. From We Will Rock You, to Bohemian Rhapsody. From Barcelona to The Great Pretender. Queen will live on forever!
My favorite Queen song is TO Much Love Will Kill You Everytime. You can almost hear Freddie thinking about the desease that would eventually end his life. I can't hear that song without a tear comming to my eye.
Now my 10 year old son is a diehard Queen fan. Many a day I've come home from work to find him watching the Wembley Stadium DVD or the Greatest Video hits DVDs. If any of the Queen albums were re-released today, they would climb the charts just as they did in their initial release.
Here's to another 30 years of QUEEN.

Hello | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/2/04

I like Queen very much. they are my idols. I listen to their music each day. This website is perfect. They talk about everything in it.

Thank you, to my favorite mucis group, Queen.

Thank you everyone,