Queen | Reviewer: Hunter | 11/25/07

Hi i'm 12 and I know a lot a bout Rock. Queen you Rule Best well semi Best Band in the world. My favorite song by queen is Don't Stop Me Know

ya'll have respcet | Reviewer: dalia oims | 11/20/07

thank you! queen rules i was on 50 cent lyrics some stupid black people call me a racist cause i said his music sucks well it's true what happenend to the good music like led zepplin, ozzy osboune,ac/dc, all of them! I LOVE YOU FREDDIE MERCURY! ALSO ROGER TAYLOR HE'S HOT!

Queee.......N We LovE yoU ! | Reviewer: Danny | 10/26/07

i'm 19 y' old. I love the songs from queen like as bohemian rhapsody, love of my life,to much love will kill you. now i always hear queen songs. Queen, Don't Give Up!

Queen is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/29/07

I steel my brothers cds all the time to listen to them. I would rather listen to them then some new music and i m only 13.

queen | Reviewer: rob | 9/27/07

i am an 11 year old kid and queen is a great influeance to my guitarwork along with ac/dc
queen is a great band gotta say that i particularly like "we will rock you"
they still do now

best band in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: matty c | 9/19/07

hi,i'm twelve years old and i think queen are bloody awesome,the is no other comparible voice to freddies and brian's guitar playing is unbelievable in brighton rock and the guitar solo at wembley in the 80's was awesome, i think queen are the best band in the world no other music can beat it especially dance music:-(.my favourite albums are the earley one from the 70's including queen 1 and 2 sheer heart attack,A day at the races,bohieman rhapsody and then further on with news of the world,jazz etc... QUEEN ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I love there flambouyant 70's british glam rock outfits with frilly arms and wrists and black outfits I think its unbelievable QUEEN ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

queen | Reviewer: Ruday | 9/17/07

I was 12 years old when heard I GO CRAZY,I was looking for who's the singer,and my uncle said it's Queen.From that time i like Queen very much.
The band bringin' love,peace,honour for my self,thanks Brian,Roger,Deacon and Freddie....

Queen is by far the best | Reviewer: Rebecca | 8/4/07

Although queens success started about 20 years before my existance i grew up listening to them. I would make my mom replay underpressure in the car about 50 times every time we were on the road.

I love Queen | Reviewer: Cat G | 7/5/07

Queen is the best. The lyrics are awesome and the meanings rule. I love Death on two Legs. It is the best song. I am 14 and grew up listening to Queen. I will listen to Queen until the day I die. Long live Queen. Love live Brian, John and Roger. Long live the memory of Freddie.

--Queen-- | Reviewer: Ceci | 7/4/07

One of the greatest bands ever!!
Freddie has an amazing voice:)
I wish I lived in the 1980's, great music!!=)

queen are great | Reviewer: XxX---KaT---XxX | 6/19/07

i am a 14 yr old girl i think queen are amazing i liked there song i want to break free and there song we are the champions

The best!! | Reviewer: valerie | 6/10/07

Well, what more can I say? It has all been said, by the above people and by EVERYONE to whom I have ever stated my musical preferences ....... "Queen, were, and are the most magical rock group ever!" This is true. There is no group, or ever has been that can anywhere near compare with their talent, charisma, professionality and their sheer ...... MAGIC. Yes, magic, because that is what Queen represents, something beyond normal music. Audio and visual effects that go way beyond the imagination. Sadly, fantastic Freddy is no longer with us, here on earth. However, I think for those of us who appreciate what it's all about, Freddy will always be in our hearts. Roger, Brian and John ..... just keep rocking!! Freddy is up there listening and watching you!! God Bless!!!

Legend | Reviewer: Russel Dizon | 6/7/07

It may be awkward for some youth nowadays to listen on Queens music, but believe it or not, once you've listen to it..you'll never wanna hear new age songs!!

love u freddie darling | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/1/07

Just wanted 2 say Queen rox im 14 n all mi friends think im weird coz i like old music but its much beta then the music they have 2day n freddie mercury is the greatest voice and performar in the entire universe!

*** About the artist/band Queen*** | Reviewer: KETCHER MONTGOMERY | 4/24/07

today i went to school and was telling someone about this report i was about to do. I was telling them I was going to do it on QUEEN in my book the gretest rock band ever then my friend (josh) told me that the lead singer died I said you dont know what your talking about. He said the group that song "WE WILL ROCK YOU" i SAID YA THATS WHO DIED ABOUT 7-8 YEARS AGO i COULDN'T BELIVE IT

he will never be forgion