the first but not the last | Reviewer: Tracy Ratelle | 7/28/12

This is Queens first album, that was ignored. It is a heavier band at this time, with greats songs as Keep yourself alive, King rat, Lair, and modern times of rock'n'roll, which was sung by Roger Taylor. you got your slow songs like Doing alright, which starts almost psychidelic, but then get's heavier while the song goes. You got the sabbath heavy Son and Daughter that is a good song,but strange lyrics, the night comes down is a sappy ballot that fails everywhere in the song, can't give them shit about this since it's the first relese and all. Jesus is a corny song and feels like a b side or something,nice heavy middle though, and then we got almost one minute of the Seven Seas of Rye,but this is just a tease to what they will do on the next album.