review of only the good die young | Reviewer: Jordan McCallum | 8/30/07

A phenomenal song written for a phenomenal man. I was born in 1992, a year too late to see the man who changed the world. I am a great supporter of AIDS, and took part in an expedition in southern Africa this year to help orphans due to the killer.Thankyou Brian...this is a masterpiece for a great friend.

RIP Freddie Mercury

only the good die young | Reviewer: nikki martin | 8/7/07

can't listen to this song without crying it was played at my dads funeral most moving song i have ever heard. rip dad i still miss you loads and think of you everyday

only the good die young | Reviewer: nikki martin | 8/7/07

can't listen to this song without crying it was played at my dads funeral most moving song i have ever heard rip dad still miss you loads

I'll not cry for no-one but you too... | Reviewer: memeto mori | 8/4/07

This is amazing song with the real lyrics that comes just from heart... I wish that someday I'd see Freddie in heaven. This is just amazing and I have huge respect to Queen that they wrote this song for all who died before they should, especially for Fred. I'm 16 and when I had about 6 month he died so it was impossible to see Freddie in live. No one from my family was in Queen's concert, because we are from Poland and as you know, the band wasn't in my country (well, in 1995 but it was too late, it's a shame) but my parents really like theirs songs. I fell in love in this great band just half year ago but for me it's enought. It's really difficult to say what I feel when I hear this song. But I always cry. Freddie, why you left us? ;( (Please forgive me for my not good English)
R.I.P. Great God Mercury, you're only one.

And I ain't never, never sayin' goodbye... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/14/07

i can't hold myself from not crying listing to this song.
When i die, i hope they would play this...

the lyrics are so real, it's written of real feelings.

r.i.p huw davies | Reviewer: helen | 7/13/07

this was played yesterday at my teacher's funeral . he was a good , caring man & was only young . r.i.p x x x

amazing song! | Reviewer: Sammi | 5/20/07

i luv dis song so much ! i am onli 17 but i have to say freddie has to my idol he was amazing and the fact that his songs are still around and the fact that there is a musical made in his honour proves dat!! long live freddie!

A moving tribute | Reviewer: Jerry | 5/8/07

This song touches me everytime I hear it. Queen was the first concert I ever went to (on my 16th birthday in 1979). My mother bought me the tickets as a birthday present. She passed away from cancer in 1982 so this song has special meaning for me. I nearly died from a lung collapse about 4 years ago, this song also helps me realize how precious our lives are, and they can end suddenly, at any time. Thank you Freddie, and thank you Queen.

It's beautiful | Reviewer: Mercucio | 5/5/07

This song is dedicated to princess Diana and Freddie Mercury. Queen is the best band ever, i love it. I wish to see Freddie at concert but... this is only a wish.

I love it | Reviewer: Kenneth Hansen | 4/20/07

this song ist so good, and that show that, the band love Freddie Mercury and they want all to remember him

The Best The Best the Best | Reviewer: Mauricio Veliz La Orga | 3/7/07

Hellow, I from the sud america, "CHILE", This Song is my favorite, is beatifull, and other...mmmm, hee:
Thenks god is chrismas
Ohh, my love...tan tan, tan tan, tan taaan.
ohh, my friends...tan tan, tan tan, tan taaan.
Is terrible that Freddie Die, The Music lost a the Best singer of the world, sorry but my inglish, is bad... Good save the Queen !!!

For EVERYONE | Reviewer: Wildbluesun | 2/15/07

Can I just make the point that the song is not just tribute to Freddie Mercury. The impetus came with the death of Princess Diana, and though it is mostly a tribute to Freddie, it is also "for anyone who died before their time".

one by one only the good die young! ((RIP GRIFF)) | Reviewer: joe clark | 2/21/07

just thought id post a little something about this song as my best friend died on the 10th of june last year in a tragic car accident and this song was played at his funeral.

It's such a beautiful song, well chosen.

To my brother (best friend) in the sky, you will be in my heart forever, you are sadly missed and we will never forget you.
peace & honnor!

true song lyrics | Reviewer: Gerard Grehan | 11/15/06

This song is one of my favorite, it is so full of meaning especially for me as my brother Micheal died at the age of 38. He is always in my heart. Every time i play this song i fill up. I am a huge fan of Queen and Freddy i think he was a legend.
Freddy himself died too young i hope he is singing songs for my brother in heaven

legeds never die | Reviewer: Laura | 3/7/06

I was born 2 years after Freddie's death but now I'm a big fan Of Queen and of course Freddie. This song is very beautiful and sad because everyone know that this song is about Freddie and he's dead now. But legends never die! He will live for ever in our hearts! RIP Freddie Mercury