To my lovely grand father | Reviewer: Amon Luvuno | 5/31/14

I was born in 1978 i used to listened freddie's song i was very impressed but the first time i heard No one but you it was reminding me of my grandfather he was such an angel he passed away when i was @ high school i'll always miss him till we meet again in heaven!!,Simon Luvuno

no- one but you | Reviewer: Anita | 3/24/14

My closest. Friends son died while walking bit by a drunk driver...he was very different & he called me mom...i think of him often when i hear this song..thank you Queen..a beautiful lyric..!!!

sometimes the very best die young. | Reviewer: Tante | 4/3/13

my niece and godchild Kaitlin passed away january 27, 2013 at the age of only 23. she was such a beautiful person and is missed every single day by so many people. the words to this lovely song will now and forever remind me of this very dear, very lovely girl. RIP honey.

For my brother P.C.Puia who passed away on 27.12.2012 aged 30 yrs | Reviewer: P.C.Zonunthara | 1/4/13

I am listening to the song crying for my brother as i am typing this. I missed him so... is it raining in heaven Puia.. one by one only the good die young. Why so young Puia?
I'll remember you forever. I guess i'll never understand the sense of your leaving. And i'm never saying good bye. Crying for no one, no one but you.

A long Goodbye | Reviewer: Sammi | 10/28/12

I am sat here right now listening to this song, tears streaming down my face, as just a short few hours ago, I received a phone call from a dear friend, who is currently staying in a hospice.

Over the phone in her jolliest tone, she said to me "if I tell you something, you mustn't tell anyone (I am not naming names so none will know who I am on about), & you have to promise me you won't get upset". "OK I said" but the next line she said to me, felt like someone had punched through my chest & ripped my heart out.

The phone went silent, I thought we had been cut off, then came the words that tore me apart "Sam I have been given 2 months to live, don't you dare cry, I don't want sadness, not a single tear, do you hear me?"

I held my tears back whilst I was on the phone, went to another friends, just to be with someone that I could talk to.

And now I am back home, I cant stop the tears from falling, No-One But You will be the song I remember my friend by, I just hope it keep;s me strong over the next however long my heart aches.

my beautiful daughter | Reviewer: Lynne Lawrence | 5/17/12

This song reminds me of my beautiful daughter Victoria, who died very suddenly in Dec 2008. She was such a gentle loving young lady who was trainin to be a nurse. we both loved the amazing Freddie and Queen and would like to thank the band for composing such a beautiful song x

Funeral | Reviewer: Meral Unal | 3/29/12

I chose this song for my beloved nephew who passed away at tender age of 24 in a freak accident.He was a gentle soul and I love him very much. I do not know what life brings in our way, but it will never be the same without him.

Heartbroken | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/3/11

I've loved this song forever. And I sing when I need to get something out of my heart...this is the song I've been singing lately due to the awful murder of a girl in my area...when I sing this I feel slightly better but it'd help more if I could stop crying first...

makes me sad | Reviewer: sandy | 9/14/11

This lyrics on this song make me think I was only three years old when Fred died...
I am sure he touched the band member`s hearts and lives just as he did with so many of us around the world through all these years...
Freddie was completely out of this world, he was not human...he was an angel from God, sent to make us happy with his beautiful voice and charisma....

I miss him so much

Freddie, theres noone but you | Reviewer: Kerry | 2/25/11

My school have just finished doing a 7 nights running performance of we will rock you - a play based on all the queen songs. Initially i hadn't ever really listen to many queen songs. Dont get me wrong i'd heard 'we are the champions, bohemain rhapsody etc' on the radio a few times, but i'd never actually 'listened' to the lyrics and felt the music of so many of their other great hits. After one of the roles sung her version of 'no one but you' it bought me to tears sitting there listening to her singing it. 'No one but you' is now one of my favourite songs simply because the lyrics are amazing, and together with the music it really captures the audience and brings out the emotion in them. Doing this musical has taught me what a truly sensational band queen were, it has opened so many doors showing me some of queens fantastic songs, and since the performance i have fallen in love with each and every member because of their unique talent. Sadly i never got to hear queen live (i was born in 1996) but from now on they along with their music, shall live on in my heart forever.

beatuiful song | Reviewer: Roger | 12/5/10

really love this song, such beautiful and moving in honour of both freddie mercury and princess diana. thousands of people including myself will take this to heart. "i ain't never, never saying goodbye" R.I.P, always be in my heart.

For my love | Reviewer: Judy | 2/26/10

I have been looking for a good song to play at my husbands service on Tuesday. This is the perfect song for him and his love of music. He was only 46 and it is a great loss to me right now, but this song will be perfect. Thank you, Queen, for this song.

My saddest moment | Reviewer: Karen | 12/23/09

I had No-One But You played at my husband's funeral. David was only 41 when he died after a 12 year battle with heart disease. He loved all of Queen's music and played their songs constantly. This particular Queen song comforted me then and still does seven years later. I play it every time I think of the wonderful man that I lost at far to young an age.

this song makes me cry | Reviewer: queencrazy | 12/10/09

i love this song so much. i have never heard Queen live(i was born in 1996)but i love their music so much.Everyone thinks i'm crazy for being so obsessed but reading your reviews makes me smile because i know i'm not the only one. This song makes me cry so much every time and it really is a fitting tribute to Freddie.

Freddie lives in this song | Reviewer: Belén | 8/1/09

I think hearing this song brings Freddie back... He lives in each song that Queen has done.

I was so lucky last year, I could see Queen + PR live, and I think, though it's a new band, and Paul will never replace Freddie, and never intend to, it's a really great band, the best ever...
Of course I miss Freddie, and I'm sad, 'cause I've never heard his voice live, (I was born in 1989), but I'm sure that wherever he is now, he is proud of Brian, Roger and Paul, because they have continued their lives, but they never forget him, and dedicate his new music to him...

freddie's voice is unic, and he will always live in each song of Queen, and in each fan's heart.