made in a rush.. | Reviewer: saj ditta | 9/3/09

no im sorry m i h just did not work,there many tracks left out from the miracle and innuendo they should of used those tracks,the 4 new tracks were great but they trully messed up 2 versions of beutifull day and that ambience rubbish at the end wat on earth was dat,mixing seven seas with that final trak was a true shambles,the whole concept album cover trak selection was wrong ok we know u couldnt outdo innuendo but wat was goin on here,even stuff from magic demoes and freddies solo dat could of worked just shows without freddie wat goes on,iv been a queen fan well over 25years i found it appaling they could of done new version of tie ur momma down with al 3 on vocals freddies live 86 tour vocals could of worked easily thay got the tech,that would of bin a great fresh opener ending with single version of beutifull day that was released with heaven4everyone,,al iknow it felt like a weight on there shoulders and jus didnt realy commit2it as thay should its not like wat came in thier solo tours was super or bigger,well dats my honest opinion its taken 14years to get it off my bleeding chest guess it was worth it..there u have it.