one of the most underratted songs ever. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/20/11

a very underated song from the 1984 album the works. IT WORKS! cracking rift, great lyrics and the kind of song that sends shivers down your spine. can never listen to this once always rewind and listen again. i recon only Queen couldve pulled this off. absolute classic.

...deaper and deaper and deaper inside... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/27/09

I rhink, there is rock'N roller's "StepenWoolf", just much more strong. Herman had spoke about two kinds of egos and Roger with Brain did speak about it. Just Herman is said, that Stepen woolf - HUMAN- should come down, to be safe. I'm disagree. I think it is in MACHINES way. So.. To be just yourself, to stay on your way and keep going,even then no- one needs your minds, your goal - that I gues sence to be human. And I find that it is, what Brain and Roger were about.