MISTAKEE | Reviewer: mery | 6/30/07

the seconds stansa is wrong! it doesn't say "you've stolen my heart..." it goes "you've taken my life..."

about this song: | Reviewer: Ashley | 4/24/07

I just got through this really tough time with my boyfriend. He broke up with me. But I posted a blog with these lyrics on my myspace, for him. It's ironic but he asked me back out earlier today. He meant everything to me. And still does. And this song help get me through it all.

love | Reviewer: chris | 3/16/07

i love this song it reminds me of someone who i care deeply for

queen | Reviewer: cedric | 2/28/07

this song totally rocks.... its not their usual... its more than them already hehehe

Love Of My....... | Reviewer: alexandra | 2/24/07

I definitely love this song! It reminded me of a love I had for this man whom I felt "love". the irony, he had a girl whom he loved more than me.

my love of my life. | Reviewer: Bianca | 10/20/05

this song means alot to me.1 of my closest friends past away 3 weeks ago and this song just reminds me of him.i love him so much but he took his life and my love and hes left me. i miss him alot.
you are always in my heart tristian.
Your The Love Of My Life.
love always
your Bianca xox

Love of My life | Reviewer: tAFFY | 7/10/05

Ive seeen queen once but sadly I did not see Freddie (Boo Hoo) I think they are so amazing and Love of My life is a powerful song and I love it

I like , like ...QUEEN | Reviewer: claudia | 10/4/04