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Performed by Queen

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I love this song - heck, I adore Queen! | Reviewer: Lyn | 8/19/13

Brian was the perfect man to sing this, his voice is warm and soft and comforting, especially when he sings the lines -

Take heart my friend we love you
Though it seems like you're alone
A million light's above you
Smile down upon your home...

I love listening to Queen, even if I have their every song on my list, there's always something to discover: Freddie's nuances on a song he sang, the thump-thump-thump-boom-boom-boom-BOOM beat of Roger's drums, how Brian made his guitar SCREAM, and like a special gift, John's complex bass runs - but it never draws attention away from the entirety of the song. There has never been a band so much in tune with each other - or there never will.

beatles similar | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/27/09

Doesn't sound much like a Beatles song, it isn't of course, but I can't help remind it towards my favorite Beatles song A Day in the Life. Both are somewhat about each day. I love both songs, very beautiful.

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