original | Reviewer: john | 3/25/13

i think the song is great ! it always reminds me of the album. an excellent sounding conceptional album. the songwriting of freddie mercury and the guitar playing by brian may on Queen are two virtuosos at their best

Liar | Reviewer: Jon | 10/25/12

I was 16 when the album Queen / Queen was released. I was looking for something along the lines of Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix when I saw the album cover. When I listened to it, this song stood out. I thought all the songs were great, but this one held a special meaning. Although I lived through the era of Queen, I never saw them live. And when they were no more, something had been lost that we'll never get back.

Irv's review | Reviewer: Irv | 2/11/12

Hey up guys. This is Freddie & Queen at their best. Possibly one of the best albums they ever wrote. Pass this on to the younger generations for music education. I think it is unbelievable good. Enjoy.

A Queen Classic | Reviewer: Sithmarauder | 9/9/10

One of my favourite Queen songs. Their greatest live performance (IMO) of this classic was on their Christmas eve show back on December 24,1975 Hammersmith Odeon. Actually the entire show was great.

Little known gem by Freddie | Reviewer: Carmen | 4/18/10

This was written by FM very early on and is a classic many few (only us die hard fans) know about. I am hooked - can't stop listening & seeing the live version video on YouTube. Queen (& Freddie) shall live for always!

something out of the ordinary | Reviewer: woconnell | 4/8/09

These guys were so far ahead of their time, & they were not close to peaking. Freddie was a great showman. I only regret that I was too wasted & broke to get out there & see them during their rise to greatness. The rest of the lads were also up to task. "I have sailed the seas, from Mars to Mercury." I still mourn his loss.

From the forgotten great first album.. | Reviewer: Seano | 9/28/08

A much-neglected little gem from the early days. That first album has some other crackers. Check out the jazzy vocal chord progressions and wickedly inventive drumming on ''The Night Comes Down'' for instance...to think , this band went on to make ''I want to break free'' ,and worse...makes you want to weep , eh..?

Amazing! | Reviewer: Nati | 6/29/07

The amazing thing about this song is that this was written when Freddie Mercury was still Freddie Bulsara.(Or is it Bulsarah?)Anyways this song is AMAAAAAAAZING! Queen itself is AMAAAZING! And Freddie's voice itself is legendary along with the band itself. It is so tragic that he died. Only, if he were still alive, he'd be 60. My mom saw them! If only I'd lived through the eras...

great song! | Reviewer: caz | 6/5/07

people should take 6 and a half minutes to listen to this great song. the beat, song itself and the lyrics are all great, and from an album by Queen that people have hardly heard of, and i wasn't born when it came out in the 70's, i was born in the nineties, but still love it!

great | Reviewer: caz | 6/5/07

people should take 6 and a half minutes to listen to this great song, as the song, beat, and lyrics are great!

Deacon's voice | Reviewer: Yuri | 3/2/07

This is the only music of all the Queen's song that feature Jonh Deacon singing alone (not together with the rest of the group) there's a verse that he says "all day long" when it had already finished. I think that hearing him singing make us know why he never sing a music alone.

If you play bass.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/25/05

You will really like this song. This is a very good Queen song and I would recommend any Queen fan to spend six minutes and listen to this. T