i love ya | Reviewer: Iesha | 5/1/09

dear queen latifah ima jersey girl myself i love da movie set if off and life support da 2 of da best i think u eva put took wat u use to be in dat movie i respect that alot u are a big role model to me nd anyotha jersy girl i was woundering if u can maybe come back to jersey for a visit and try to tawk so since into people head dat it doesnt matter when ya from if u got talent dnt b afiad to use it p.s i hope u read dis nd think about it stronly jersey girl need sumthing dat they can relate to

Wonderful | Reviewer: Pavlos Kampanis | 2/2/09

When Queen Latifah enters a scene on film, on stage, or in private, she takes center stage; this woman has it all - talent, a good sense of humor, a warm laugh, a helping hand, a caring desposition, a good heart, and a magic that radiates all around her. Simply put - I adore this woman and admire everything that she does.

my role model | Reviewer: Aaliyah | 1/28/09

she is a great role model bcoz she shows me dat even doe i have nothing i can stil be something. i love her bcoz she has an amazing personality and she has all that i want i love er 2 bits.. may God bless you and continue giving you ur hopes and dreams and may u live happily ever after...... love u queen Lat <3 xxx

I love you as a person and artist, even though i don't know you...but i do believe you know who i am...God | Reviewer: Benson james Howard | 1/20/09

I would like to start by saying that i have always loved you music, and i always loved the fact that a strong, powerfull woman could be so uplifting and such a burden in a oh so profound way. I do belive that you are THE role model not only for women, but also for men. I am a 29 year old man from the state of louisiana. i am a gay male. i can guanentee you that i will be meeting within the next 5 years. i hope that it will be a pleasent meeting. i belive that you want to believe this. you might be a little sceptical about it, but i am he the lives in both me and you and all believers. i know what you are a spiritual warrior for Christ V V. I KNOW THOSE V'S US THE OPPOSITE OF THOSE WHENEVER YOU GET THE OPPORTUNITY IF YOU'RE NOT ALREADY USING IT THAT WAY. I KNOW THIS CAUSE YOU HAVE TALKED TO ME THROUGH SOME OF UR MUSIC AS A CHILD AND AS AND IN UR MOOVIES AS AN ADULT. I I HEARD U CALL ME THAT MAN FROM UPSTAIRS USING MY NAME I KNOW THAT I AM ALL THREE. U ARE AN ANGEL OF MERCY. PLEASE BELIEVE IT. UR ARE AN ANGEL, LITERALLY FROM HEAVEN. I LOVE U AS IF U WERE MY MOTHER, BROTHER, SISTER, WIFE, BEST FRIEND...AND I KNOW U FEEL THE SAME WAY ABOUT ALOT A LOT OF PEOPLE ESPECIALLY MONIQUE. pLEASE BELIEVE THAT ONE DAY I WILL BE IN MUSIC INDUSTRY, GOD TOLD ME THAT ONE PERSONALLY IN HEAVEN. WHEN YOU GO THERE PLEASE REMEMBER ME. MY NAME AGAIN IS BENSON HOWARD. I ASK THE YOU PRAY FOR MY SON THAT HE ACCEPTS ME FOR WHO I AM NOT WHAT HE CAN DO FOR ME, OR WHAT I CAN DO FOR HIM. HE'S ONLY 5 YEARS YOUNGER THAN ME. YOU CAN ASK GOD ABOUT THAT IF YOU LIKE. i AM NOT LYING...YOU ARE MY SISTER IN MORE WAY THAN ONE. QUEEN OF ALL, LATIFAH. BEAUTIFUL NAME FOR SUCH A GORGEOUS ANGEL...THANK YOU FOR YOU TIME MAAM



nothing compares to you | Reviewer: amanda rice | 1/8/09

Dear Queen Latifa,noone elese on earth draws me in like you.ive seen all your wrk.I love set it off.you played the part of cleo so well.I watch you on living single,just to see your pretty face.you are the sexiest women on tv and i truly your biggest fan.i watched you last ngt on people choice award.you should of beat Kate Hudson.i love you Queen,your fan in Oklahoma.

sweetheart Queen Latifah | Reviewer: Robin Morgan | 12/14/08

I like Queen Latifah because she is so great person and i love her that much its because of her smile and her beautiful eyes and hottest women ever that is why i love her the way how i feel about Queen Latifah i am just express my feelings to Queen Latifah and how i wanted her all this time because i been day dreaming about her she is wonderful women who is attractive that is why i love her to much i just wish i could date her and love her in my heart and respect her feelings and her happiness with love and i always wanted her in my heart i can do anything for her she is my favorite women rapper and i love the way she sings and acting i care about her i just want her to be safe and loved and be protected and warm wrap around her in my arms and love her to express my feelings to her.

i need help | Reviewer: tweety | 12/4/08

Latifah i have problomes at home my sister is living with me and my brother is also i dont know what to do i have to watch my two kids.i dont know how you got throw your stuf but i admiyor sorry about the spelling i never was good at that .

Opinion | Reviewer: Kathy | 11/23/08

I saw you on AMA tonight and was so excited until I heard your prouncement about Obama and a "fellow brother" in office for his people. Aren't we all his people? Last time I saw we all lived in America. I just like you was bought up in the projects and me just like you did something with our life. I am a struggling single mother with a child trying to make it on my own. Without the help of the "system" and his father. I hold 3 jobs, a mortgage, taking care of my disable mother and living paycheck to paycheck. Do I complain--NO! I do what I have to and make the most out of a bad situation. I just get so upset when I sit there and see everyone complaining about something that they themselves could do to change for the better. Everyone has the opportunity to make something out of themselves only if they apply and not rely on the "system." You being a woman should relate. If anyone is discrimanated against, it is women both black, white and every other nationality. We struggle everyday to make something of ourselves only to be knocked down by men of all races. If we do not have a "college degree" we do not move up the corporate ladder. We just get to train those that have the degree and they move up as we sit back and watch. I really hope Obama lives to his promises and help all Americans, not those by race. I have never played the race game or gender game, nor will I. I will survive for who I am, not my color or my gender. In case you are wondering I am white and I get very upset with the race card. I have seen alot in my life and would really love to see everyone get along as one nation and unite together. Because if we keep playing this "race card" another 911 will happen and this time it could be worse. We are all Americans, no matter what the race, gender or religion. Please remember that in your next speech.

A Great Role Model | Reviewer: Taylor Bell | 11/20/08

Queen latifah you are so admiring to me. I love all your work and I'm did my school paper on you for my project. What I'm really trying to say is young girls like me look up to you and I hope you continue doing what you doing.

Queen Latifah is a QUEEN | Reviewer: Kimyetta | 11/1/08

The message is for Queen Latifah. I just want you to understand the impact that you have on women. You seem so smart, strong, loving and kind and most of all understanding. I'm at a point in my life and I have so many, many, many ideas that will reach out to our young. But cares enough to listen and guide me through my dreams and ideas. Who can feel what I feel and understand what I feel. When I see your commericals, or hear your voice, I'm all over it. Your beauty is sooooo deep and just glows, like a candle and that's the type of friendship I would love to have and my son. It just seems impossible. Queen just keep me in your prayers that I don't die with my dreams (no attempt on ending my life). They say the richest people are dead. Why we ask? Because look how many people have died with all those wonderful dreams. Keep living QUEEN!!!!!

none | Reviewer: andrea | 9/28/08

I love your movies that is why you are my favorite actor and singer. You are my role model and I hope that I could see you one day. I love the way you make every body laughand smile. I'm only 14 years old but, when I get out of school I am going to be just like you. I'm going to be in hollywood and get to see you very day.

wow | Reviewer: sami and laura | 8/12/08

Queen Latifah you have inspired my family and friends in the middle of IOWA!!!! and thank you very much for being our role model! and we love your music and acting!!!!!and god bless you in all you do

I love you | Reviewer: Robin Morgan | 5/7/08

Queen latifah your the only one i can count on because i love you and i trust you with my heart is with you i always want you that much will you go out with me like on a date and make out with me i really want you and i want my life to be with you i always want you all day long and i want my life to be with you sweetheart my arms always open to you and you are not alone i am here for you if you need me i mean that you are beautiful and sexy women i ever loved in my heart and i want to get so close to you my love.

Robin Morgan

you rock | Reviewer: Becca L.S. | 3/8/08

Dear Queen Latifa, I absolutely adore you. You have an amazing voice and are a great actress.I am inspired by you. i have started to loseweight after hearing that you were on the jenny craig proram.you rock, i can nt describe how much you mean to me.

Role Model | Reviewer: Cartier | 3/8/08

Hi Ms Latifah. I must say that I am inspired by what you do and how you do. I do look up to you, as an actress, as a lady, and as a black woman. I was asked once by one of my friends If there is one black woman you'd like to be, who would you be? Without any hesitation I said Queen Latifah. I love your attitude and your fashion sense. Actually if you look at you and me carefully, you'll see the resemlance. lol.