to queen latifah | Reviewer: Monique | 3/16/10

I'm doing a black history report about you and i need more info about you, i did a report about you last year and i got a A+ i could have copied it but i left it at school on the last day of school. i would really like to get a A+ on it again. if you could send me some facts about your childhood that would be great because the info i have know started at second grad and jumped to high school. thanks for reading this : )

Letter to Queen Latifah | Reviewer: Yvonne | 3/15/10

Queen Latifah, I watch you on Television all the time and you have always been my favorite actor. I would be excited if I seen you in person. You have great talented to be a actress for other movies. Just keep your head up and keep up the good work of what you are doing. I love to look at you on tv and interview because for some reason my heart went to you. I think I fell in love with by the beutiful looks you have.

To Queen Latifah | Reviewer: Yvonne Collins | 3/10/10

Hi My name is Yvonne, Queen Latifah you are such a beautiful looking woman. I see you on Tv alot. I wish that I was a actor like you but right now Im focusing on my GED class at the College that I going to. You are my favorite actress that I have fall in love with since Ive been watching you on the television.

Awesome story | Reviewer: Abayomı Rufai | 3/7/10

Wow!awesome and breathtaking, surely your a roll model for other uncourageous ladies who doesnt belived that ability and hard working gives rise to huge success without commiting crime or girl,you are one of my dream.

Dear queen latifah | Reviewer: sarah watson | 2/25/10

hey queen latifah im a big fan an u r like my hero. An im doing a project on u an i wanted to no if u can tell me some facts about what u doing in life today. love sarah an i loved the movie set it off

alabama dreaming | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/10

queen latifah is a star, but she has a different way of shining. she is a bit brighter than most. she is love, she is joy, she is truly a queen. i have seen her in person three times and will pay to see her plenty more times when she hit up the south. she brings excitement!!!

Queen Latifah bio | Reviewer: Madison Manketo | 1/15/10

hi my name is madison manketo im in 4th grade and im doing a biography report about you.Can you please send some interesting facts about your life.Please send info to THANKS!!!!!!!

My Feminist Rapper | Reviewer: Kei-ke | 12/5/09

Girl you are the best female agngster sience Set It Off. I was cheering you on came a G died a G cause I was like damn she is awesome. That's why I chose you for my history project cause you are my acting role modle.

The best of the best | Reviewer: Quawneisha | 11/5/09

Queen Latifah I just want to say that you are the best, and that I am doing a project on you, and I find it very easy, because I know alot about you. thank
p.s. thanks for beong the best rich person I know

j&s tutoring and mentoring program | Reviewer: robert mcdonald | 10/4/09

Dear queen,
I live in a rural area of Oglethorpe, Georgia but I was raised in Bronx, New York. After several months, it became apparent to me the urgent need to implement a youth program. There is no entertainment or recreation for the youth to get involved with in the community, such as amusement park, dance, playground, roller rink, swimming pool, theater to name but a few.
Education is a low priority. There are three schools- elementary, middle and high school.
Macon County High School failed Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) five years consecutive from 2004-2009. Macon County Middle School failed the AYP two year consecutive from 2003-2005 and failed the AYP every other year to date. Macon County Elementary School failed the AYP from 2003-2004, 2006 and 2009.
An online search provided the proximity of the nearest tutor program which is about 65 miles from Oglethorpe. These programs charge high fees. Families in these counties earn low income.
After consideration, I decided to tutor youth from this school district. I founded the J&S Tutoring and Mentoring Program to service this area. I charge a nominal fee, $55/stud/wk. Still, parents find it difficult to afford my service.
First year of operation I had a total of 8 students. All of my students did well and received promotions to high honor awards. J&S Tutoring and Mentoring Program is into its second year of operation and prays for more success.
I want to expand to accommodate space for computers, textbooks and more students. I want to ease the burden on families that want their children to learn, but who cannot afford the cost of my program. I have written a letter to Georgia Governor Purdue that addressed the problem. He referred me to the city assembly. I spoke to the town assembly with no redress. I have very limited resource. I cannot afford the 501 c3. I do not seek contribution or donation of any kind. However, if there is information your company can propose that will benefit these youth feel free to suggest. Thank you

Robert McDonald, Jr.
1530 Ga Hwy 26 West
Oglethorpe, Ga 31068

You got me all twisted up in the game | Reviewer: Ricky | 9/9/09

Finally i can say somethin about my role model. I never had this feeling for anyone else that i have for you Dana, not even for my mom. I read anything about you, watch any movie which you played in and listen to every speech you offer. At times i clunch ur pi'ture with tears in my eyes wishing that i can meet you one day, to greed you, chat wit you a little and stare at you for as long as i want to, not like I used to do...pausing the movie whenever your face appears on the screen. Your my star, keep on shining.
I pray for you, all the best!!!
Ricky, 23 yrs old!

Health Care Reform | Reviewer: Olga Jenkins | 9/3/09

Dear Queen Latifah
You and I know that health care is a right not a privilege. But it seems that the insurance companies, Republicans and conservative Democrats have decided that they can force President Obama to capitulate to them and not keep his campaign promise to us. We need to create a society where all our citizens are insured. Now is the time to show our solidarity with President Obama. A NATIONAL MARCH ON WASHINGTON in support of Obama’s health care initiative is needed to show congress that we demand their support And we need it now.
Can you help mobilize such a march? With you behind it such a march would have to succeed. Time is of the essence.

i love you | Reviewer: prince felix | 8/16/09

dear Latifah,.. i just went through your biography now and i was really moved and inspired,.. how i wish i could have a little privacy with you,.... i have a very big dream,which i can just wait to bring to reality,.. you really are a world queen,.. Here is another Michael Jackson,.. i have passion and love for the world,though i am an African...

I will be most grateful if you can get back to me through the email,..
I love you Latifah.
I do hope to read from you soon

i love ya | Reviewer: ira myers | 8/17/09

i really like you ihave all of your covergirl pictures.You are abeutiful woman im the one who is crazy about you.So i hope that you will probalaty write back to me.Ive saw all of your movies.Have a wonderful life.Write back

Coronation as a Queen | Reviewer: Ishmel Tee Jr. | 7/10/09

I have been so much interested in inviting this majestic Lady to my country Ghana to conorate her as real queen if only she will allow me and my team to do that. there is so much to see also in my country as the current USA president Obama is doing with his family. If she is interested in this proposal, let her managers contact me thru my email address.