African Queen | Reviewer: zanti joseph | 2/29/08

Dear Queen,

I have heard your songs and love everyone of them. You are an amazing lady with great personality.You are an inspiration to women all over the world. As a rap artists- no doubt YOU 'R' THE BEST!

You are truly a real woman | Reviewer: Kiki | 2/13/08

Queen latifah is the bomb. You are truly inspirational and I'm glad you made it as far as you did. I'm even writing an essay in english class on how you made a positive impact on our society. Your a great actress and I think its inspiring on how you made it possible for people to look at women as rappers. Keep it up!

Loving It | Reviewer: Trisha | 2/13/08

hey Queen Latifah how is everything i'm good i'm in school rite now doing a report on you for black history month. I chose you because you are a good role model to me i see you and say she is really happy with her body i can be to thankyou so much queen latifah u r my star i love ya thank you again you have alot of good storys thank you peace out hommie

Queen Latifah iz da bomb!!!!! | Reviewer: vanessa hyman | 2/5/08

i think Queen Latifah is a great actress. i love all her movies especially set it off. i also loved her in hairspray and the newest movie mad money. i have heard some of her music but i'm really not into em. i'm more into her movies.

vanessa hyman
age: 20

Queen Latifah is off the HOOK! | Reviewer: Lynae | 1/24/08

Queen Latifah music and acting career is so good. She's one of my top role models especially when it comes to make-up. QUEEN LATIFAH is pretty and look good for herself.

2 the Real Queen | Reviewer: Amy Paige | 1/19/08

I love the Queen. I'm not into rap, but I love her music, movies, and everything she does. I'm glad the Queen does it all. I'm heavy set woman that thinks if your healthy heavy is okay, the Queen makes heavy beautiful. I don't think she's heavy, she's just the Queen. It would be nice if all people did not judge one another on skin color, or weight. I wish I could send the Queen my new book of poetry, since I've over come so much in my life. I think she would truly understand my work. Can anyone help me reach her so she can get it. Please all check out "Waves of Love" by Amy Paige on To the Queen, I want to be more like you. God Bless you.

My role model! | Reviewer: lavett96 | 12/22/07

Dear Queen,
I am speechless......what do you say to someone that you think is great. I would say that you are the greatest role model I know! I have idolized you most of my life, from your music to your movies! You have been such a role model that my 11 year old now follows you. I want you know that you have made our self esteem better, and that just knowing that you are influencing things is a great relife! Keep up the good work!

The Virgo | Reviewer: Oded Settles | 12/11/07

Queen, you are a wonderful singer & performer that I've followed from your beggining. My prayer is that you'll continue be blessed and grow in everything that you set your hand to. Love you and Peace!

Self respect | Reviewer: Niki | 12/5/07

I honestly dont know how to put it. No word will be adequaqte enough to describe you. One thing is for sure, you do have a very strong personality. Pls keep it up.

Heyy Queen Latifah. | Reviewer: liz | 12/5/07

Your one of my idols! You inspired me in many ways. And, I love that your from Newark. Thats my hometown =). Well all i got to say is I Love You Queen Latifah and keep doing what you do!

Hey Queen | Reviewer: Brinda J kuhlman | 12/4/07

I have watch some of your movies i think you are great in them and i have hear some of your music also and some of your eye liner. keep up the good job you are a great lady.

i love yea so much | Reviewer: courtney cox | 11/29/07

i love you so much you are so pretty i wish i looked just like you you are my ideal since i was 4 years old my mom loves you as well and she says you are the best actoress in the world peace out

Queen Latifah Rocks | Reviewer: Jay Jay | 11/11/07

Damn Queen Latifah you are fine. I think you are the best actress and i admire your work. you are hilarious and very talented. i would like to get into Directing and Acting and doing a movie with you would be the best thing to ever happen to me. get back to me Dana you are awesome...

Really wanner get in touch with you... | Reviewer: Corny | 10/24/07

Hi Danna, you are such a great person i must say. I admire and love your songs and comedies. You are so entertaining and you present yourself with dignity and respect. Pliz keep it up! And know that you have inpired many people in the art of music and acting industry. I just wish you all the best in life, God bless you.
NB: Could you pliz get intouch with me thru ma email? I would love so much to hear from you.

Corny from Uganda.

Hi lovely lady | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/20/07

My husband & I watch your movies which we think are great, hope you make many more.
I think you are a very beautiful woman,who handles herself well, with a lot to offer.
Keep up the good work.