remember me! | Reviewer: sandy royal | 10/13/07

Hi! dana I'm along lost child hood friend from
south 6th street. We need to reconnect most people say we look just alike, and I take it as acompliment. I must admityou are the bomb girl! so keep on keeping on. Oh this may help remember
Jeffrey,shep and the browns yeah girl call me
561 840-7752 or 561 307-5480 much love........

About the artist | Reviewer: James Tate | 9/25/07

Queen, you have always presented yourself with diginity and respect. A real person, wether as the Queen or Dana in the public eye. Your talents;singing,acting,comedy I think as well as your grace and beauty have blessed your fans.
Thank You

Queen Latifah doin clothing line | Reviewer: Peggy Dodman | 9/3/07

I think that the great Queen should do a clothing line, she has the best atste in clothing and i could use some help here in Canada

thank you from Canada | Reviewer: Dennis/Deb | 8/16/07

we didn't know what we thought in your beginning. our negative attitude toward "overweight" female actors has been changed thanks to you. you bring a wonderful 'freshness' to the screen. over the time we have "known" you, we believe you have refined to become more yourself; natural, charming, caring, open, honest, worldly, sexy and beautiful. thank you for that. you appeared radiantly healthy and happy on the ellen degeneres show the other day. we hope to see you around for a long time to come Queen Latifah. all the best :)

I will always look at you as my hero | Reviewer: Nicole | 8/15/07

Hi my name is Nicole and I want to tell you that I will always love you and Thank you for what you have done for young women in the world

Hey Girl :) | Reviewer: Malinda Buzzell | 7/30/07

hey, my name is Malinda im 18 years old, and i just wanted to let you know that you have inspired me in many ways...i love your style and your additude...i also love you anbititon in all of your movies and music and in all of your entertanment!!! i think it would be great to meet you, it's on my "to do list"-lol- hopefully you reply...god bless ya Latifah....long live the queen :):)

Cuz, Keep Up The Good Work | Reviewer: nalkus | 7/19/07

Dana, A.K.A QUEEN LATIFAH Keep doing what you doing. You looking real good. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS

Wanna meet queen of the queens. | Reviewer: abraham | 7/19/07

Hi Queen Latifa,It will be mission accomplished for me if i should meet you.I am from Africa living in the the US,prior to my coming to US i have always been praying to meet this great lady of our time.I can't wait to meet.

Really want to meet you | Reviewer: Nii Mensah | 7/19/07

I have read a few lines about you and watch a few movies you've acted and really admire you.
I hope to at least see you and have a chat with you some day.

nii mensah

i want you Queen latifah in my heart and in my lifeto be with you | Reviewer: Robin morgan | 7/13/07

Queen latifah do you want a Girlfriend i know i do all my life wanted you all day long i mean that you are my biggest fan in my heart can you set me up to date you all i wanted is to be with you and i want my life to be with you so much because i love you so much and you mean alot to me and you are so kind and sweet sexy hottest women in my heart i always wanted you my love for you is real i need you and i want you in my life so i cant keep my eyes off of you as you always in my heart my love for you is in my life you are the most beautiful women in my heart i always love you and i dont want you to get hurt ot killed or die even bumbs and bruises all i ever wanted you to be safe and loved and warm protected in my arms around my heart and i dont want you to die because i love you so much and you are mean alot to me please i want you your the reason i want in my heart and in my life you always there for me when i need you and i can count on you so you are not alone really Queen latifah you are not alone i am with you all day and all night if i have to my heart goes out to you my love i love you so much all i ever wanted is to be with you and i want my life to be with you and i want to get so close to you my love. so do you want a girlfriend i am available just to let you know.

Robin morgan

hi queen latifah | Reviewer: dawn lewis | 6/26/07

hi queen latifah
my name is dawn
and im your #1 fan
i'll do anyhting just to spend an hour with you

i made a promise that i will meet u before i die

go gurl | Reviewer: royale | 5/18/07

u go gurl keep doing your thing dont let no one put u down well i wich i was like u but i am not i am all way was sad well keep chillin


Talent, pizazz and confidence | Reviewer: Penny | 5/17/07

Queen Latifah is a multi-talented lady of brains and beauty. I have been thoroughly entertained while watching any movie in which she has appeared.The message she sends to young women is that they can accomplish anything they set their mind to and she has proved it!

waoooooo she is too much. | Reviewer: Lydia Agagwu | 5/10/07

I like Queen Latifah. she is cute, I like everything about her. Her movies, musIC etc.

Question | Reviewer: zang54 | 4/21/07

Friends at school tell me that you are the daughter of Muhammad Ali, you know, the boxer. This can't be true! Please reply. Thank you