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Performed by Queen

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Andy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/06

I was never really in to Queen, but just purchased the Greatest Hits albums and now I love them. This song is superb, and a fine addition to any collection.

A song for the true intellectual. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/06

I've never heard a guitar or bass used in such a vaudevillian type of music. Queen makes it work.

AMAZING. | Reviewer: Madison | 5/22/06

I apsolutly love Queen but the first time I heard this song I knew Queen was truly a unique and amazing band. Killer Queen is so enjoyable and you truly can't get enough of it. I listened to this song for five hours in a row once and I'm still not sick of it.

Awesome song and it's playable in Guitar Hero | Reviewer: Russ | 5/8/06

I had never heard this song until I heard it in Guitar Hero for ps2 and I immediately fell in love with it. I was never really a big Queen fan until then but I am now. This song showed me exactly how virtuosic and talented this group really was. I put the level of complexity (in the theory) of this piece up there with the likes of Bach or Beethoven and would classify it as "intelligent" music that a person with knowledge of music thoery could really appreciate. I also love the rhythm of this song, and being able to play along with it in guitar hero makes it even more enjoyable! If you haven't tried it you have to play that game if even just for this song.

awesome song | Reviewer: neko-chan | 3/10/06

i absolutely luv this song, it is my fav. queen song ever. queen has a lot of great songs, great voices, great music. i luv how this song is oddly enjoyable. once u listen 2 it once, u just cant get enough of it. i could listen 2 this song a million times in a row & not get tired of it.

DAMN GOOD | Reviewer: Nick | 2/23/06

This song is just... breathtaking. Well written, well played. and sung by the best front man in the history of music. Well done.. if i do say so myself.

Flippin' Awesome | Reviewer: E.J. | 1/4/06

This song is freakin' awesome, because you could listen to and sing it like, a buh million times, and it's cool and stuff like that. Oh, and Queen's really good too. Like, REALLY good. By some people, vastly unnappreciated, but what do they know, right?

Awesome | Reviewer: DancingChaos | 8/14/05

This is personally my favorite song by Queen. This song has one of the most beautiful lyrics. Listen to the song!!!

my favourite | Reviewer: Jan | 8/11/05

this is my favourite Queen song. It is very gracious, beautifully composed. I like to read the text along and hear how amazingly fluent Mercury can create a never wavering melody out of it!

Great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/05

I just don't get how Queen come up with their music. they are crazy.. but at the same time great!!!

Thank God | Reviewer: Kris | 4/18/05

....There isn't anything less than wow that has the capability of describing this song. I just happened to pick up the greatest hits CD and....yeah. I love this song.

wow. | Reviewer: rita | 1/18/05

queen. nobody will really be able to master what they have done. the vocals, music, melodies, lyrics, differen styles--everything that makes up queen is just above and beyond my expectations of music. this is probably the best song by them. for a song to be best by queen means its better than a lot of stuff you've probably ever heard.

A work of art | Reviewer: John | 12/3/04

This song is amazing, it is a finely crafted tune. It's more than a song, its a work of art, something composed and created. The lyrics are funny at times but it never stops being aurally pleasing.


Killer | Reviewer: Jessica | 9/7/04

Mm, this song may very well be my favorite queen song along with You Take My Breath Away and I do believe I've heard nearly all of them. The randomness in the lyrics just add to the glory.

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