Balangone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/11

it's a wonderful song! i can't understand why this song didn't reach the charts! the guitar riff in the intro and the drum solo in the middle blow my mind! and the lyrics reflect their wish to become famous in the early days of the band! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN

Just listen to all the queen songs | Reviewer: Ant Halkyard | 8/3/10

The original and one of the best. May I encourage that you listen to all the early stuff 'brighton rock, killer queen, millionare waltz, good old fashioned lover boy, its late' these are treasured songs from a group that never played out ther time to the max due to freddies tragic death. Rock on Roger, Brian and John .... love the music always will

One of their best!! | Reviewer: Danii Queenie | 6/3/07

this song absolutely rocks!! if you haven't heard it, you should! search for a live version, it's far better than the original. you'll hear both roger and john featuring in solos! yes, john!