classic rock | Reviewer: saj ditta | 9/3/09

what can 1 say bout innuendo its like leaving note to a departing love,it truly was thee final true queen album jus cant fault it,freddie@band give it al u can easily hear thee instruments rocking like a volcano forcing headlong ahead..innuendo goes through several changes during the musical play,what a wonderfull album indeed how freddie does it it just goes beyond me..u really hear it all its like every instrument vocal drum bass guitar doesnt want it end,the pain every note the feel man wat can i say ican go on and on.....

The last Innuendo of the Queen | Reviewer: Charlz | 8/11/06

Such a magnificent title for such a manificent album, that is nothing but an innuendo, an innuendo of the last breath of air the Queen of Rock could enjoy, and was so enjoyed.
Queen in al the extention of the word, in the guitars, in the drums, in the bass, in the lyrics, in the voice of the one who would rest in peace forever, the last tribute from Freddie Mercury, a tribute to their fans, a tribute to the life and most of all a tribute to the Rock'N'Roll.
The last Innuendo of the Queen, at the end, the best way to say goodbye, but you know what they say: "The show must go on"