NarutoJunkie 808 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/16/14

I love Queen and how their songs related to events and stories.Too bad I wasn't alive during the Golden Era of Queen. It would have been awesome!!! :)

i want it all | Reviewer: Ruben V | 7/31/12

to bad this was made in 1989, it should have sounded great live, i could see whole to crowd singing with freddie, "i want it all" and clapping their hands near the end of the song...

Awesome song | Reviewer: Azzurro Moretti | 12/7/08

Awesome, as always when Queen is's sad though that he died cause of AIDS. Too sad, I didn't even live those days...if I would've I would be broken hearted by then(and no, I'm not italian, it's just my "artist name", like nick-.-

feel it | Reviewer: KarolisLT | 4/1/07

Queen. What can you add more about this song. just marvellous. the guitar rifs, the vocal. Freddie sings with so much power in this one, I get shiveres every time I hear this masterpiece of music.

This song friggin'rocks! | Reviewer: Sammy Boy | 6/19/06

I listen to this song before soccer games and it gets me pumped up!

Great | Reviewer: Matthew Moruson | 5/25/06

This song is the best I just found it now and I've already listened to it 9 times so if u like queen and rock this is the song for you!