"HOT SPACE" The Story of Queen's Downfall: | Reviewer: Steffan Pila | 10/5/10

After surviving the transition to the 1980's and becoming the most successful rock band for 10 years, Queen made an album that dramatically change their course of history aptly titled "Hot Space." To me, in my opinion, "Hot Space" is truly Queen's downfall of their Classic Queen career. To me, it's not their worst album, but it is the least album. "Hot Space" is best known for the song "Under Pressure" but there's more outstanding gems on this album including "Staying Power", "Action This Day", "Put Out The Fire", "Life Is Real (Song For Lennon", and "Las Pamblas De Amor." To me, Hot Space would been Queen's greatest 80's treasure album if it wasn't for the demise of disco that ultimately lead to Queen's unfortunate & perhaps unnesscary downfall. Hot Space does indeed pale in comparsion to some classic 70's album "Queen II", "Sheer Heart Attack", "A Night At The Opera", and "News Of The World." Hot Space may have been Queen's least successful album since QUEEN II and perhaps the dramtatic slow of sales which led to the failure of Hot Space. However, Hot Space does prove that Queen went down as becoming of the most greatest Successful Rock N' Roll bands in the legendary history of Rock N' Roll. So Hot Space, to every Classic Queen fan out there, is perhaps the low point of their ultimate Classic Queen Career.