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Performed by Queen

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<3 | Reviewer: Dominiqui | 4/13/13

I feel the same. So sad. But everytime i try thinking that it was such happy time. when he was young, creative, full of power. the larry lurex version of this song is the best among many others :)

going back | Reviewer: sandra | 1/12/08

this song is just so simple, but so beautiful, I wish it was that easy to go back...i'm sure everybody who loves you Freddie wishes that was possible, and bring you back. i get so sad everytime i hear this song that i can stop crying :<

<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/07

i cry everytime i hear this song.
he sounds so young and.. well, alive.
on top of that, when they play it at the end of mother love,
it just rips my heart out.


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