well.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/10/2008

Wow, this song is really dirty..but catchy! It can easily get stuck in my head. Usually, I'm not a fan of dirty songs, but this is an exception. I can't get enough of this song. I love Queen...:D


a testament from circa 77 | Reviewer: Keith B | 11/14/2007

its funny when i was a kid i first had the 45 single which was we will rock you/we are the champions at that time you had to flip it really fast !!! to make it sound like it does on the album which soon followed.. oct. 28th (and is famous to be played back to back to this day.) this album is mostly known and will probably always be remembered for that. BUT since i consider those 2 tracks really 1 song this is the second best song on the album. to this day it excites me greatly when i hear it ! and the lyrics are great along with the music ! it must have been one of those rare moments when all the planets aligned 1977 ( wasn't many )when they layed that track down.