Amazing the way the brain works | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/10/07

So, I'm sittin' in a nursing home, watchin' this emaciated old lady (my mother) dying before my eyes -- and all I can think of is "Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin' world go round" -- thanks to Queen I had a good laugh to lighten my day.

omg | Reviewer: queen is only the best thing since sliced bread | 5/8/07

ok fat bottomd girls is the FUNNIEST SONG EVR and wut makes it evn funnier is that its sung by a bunch of queer guys who couldnt care less about girls or how big their bootays r! it also has a good addicting tune-the kind that u start humming out of the blue the next day...

fatty and gassy | Reviewer: gassy bottomed guy | 5/4/07

It reminds me of the gassy I just let go a minute go between those cheeks of flesh. Let the chords reverberate

LOVE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/4/07

i love this song.
my dad made me grow up in the early 90's with classic rock & i love it till this day!!


i am the BIGGEST fan of QUEEN EVER!!
me and my family listen to it all of the time..i have a few favourites and this is one of them..i usually say to my mum and aunty that this is their song..its lyrics matches their looks perfectly..fat bottomed

anywayy..i say any queen lovers should get this this song because it is one of their best..and whoever gets offended by this song is

awesomeness | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/9/07

This song is my favorite Queen song by far...I mean bohemian Rhapsody is amazing, it's a classic...but Fat Bottomed Girls has a really nice tune and I find it hilarious. Some people think the lyrics are disgraceful and distastelful, but I think that they were meant to be sort of a joke. This song is so fun to blast anywhere, at home, in the car...wherever, and it's pretty much just a really really good song.

overly joyous | Reviewer: JOE | 4/6/07

it would be grand if i had listened to this song at least once before, but i havent so we'll have to make do.... it was overly joyous i say

genius | Reviewer: flecktonez | 2/16/07

Arena rock at it's best: anthemic, singable chorus & glorious power chords throw in delightful raunchiness and it's a classic only Mercury can deliver.

Amazing | Reviewer: Howard | 2/19/07

I never knew who sung this song, but now I found out and will get the CD collections. Queen is an amazing band. I love this song, although my wife gives me a look every time I sing it, perhaps she thinks that I am singing it because she and the song have something in common? Oh well, I love that song, can't get it out of my head.

I conquer.... | Reviewer: I-do-stuff | 2/21/07

...with those of you who made positive comments. First off, I'd like to say QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! They rock my socks off! I would have commented to the other songs, but this page showed that there are SOME who are underappreciating Queen. Fat Bottomed Girls is one of their mega-classics. The music is raw and the concept is a little far-fetch'd (like all of their music ;)). I mean, I'm a girl, but I think that guys would rather have skinny than fat. The cool part is, Freddie can sing whatever he wants about girls because he doesn't like them!
So, in conclusion- those of you who said Queen sucks, you shall die painfully, and those of you who love them/him, you rock (esp, my predecessor)!

=) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/07

Queen is the best of the best, or le creme de la creme as they say. Their lyrics are the best and the riffs are totally insane. I love how they are so controversial. Fat bottom girls you DO make the rockin world go round!

Classic Queen | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/10/07

The beat and rifts are just perfect - one of the best rock songs ever written.

Awesome | Reviewer: Jonny Dickcheese | 11/14/06

This song is so good. Freddie Mercury was one of the greatest vocalists, Brian May is a guitar god! No, the song is not artfully deep, but maybe that's the point. Or maybe there's more to it than meets the ears. To me it has more depth (lyrically and musically) than it's flipside (Bicyle Race). But the bottom line is, I never can get enough of this song. The tone of the guitar is just straight rock'n'roll, Freddie Mercury's voice is like nothing else... just great.

It rocks... | Reviewer: Paul | 8/13/06

... and it rolls. Of all the Queen tunes you could do in a band, this is the one we decided on. And although it lacks the lyrical depth and musical innovation of "Bohemian Rhapsody" or "The Seven Seas of Rhye", it does in fact prove that even Queen didn't have to take itself so seriously. Sometimes you just have to abandon all else and have some fun. That's waht rock & roll is all about.

Fat Bottomed Girls | Reviewer: David | 8/7/06

I am not really a Queen fan but this song does show the range of music they could sing. This song has a southern rock sound to me. I like the beat and the lyrics although not exactly what some would think tasteful, is not any worse than other songs such as "That Smell" from Southern Rock legend Lynyrd Skynyrd. Art isn't always what we want it to be. What works for some doesn't work for others. Look at some of the modern art out there. Anyway, live and let live.