Big Fat Nanny! | Reviewer: Fat Fat Fatty, U Fatso | 3/20/13

I think the song should be called, "Mary Had A Little Lamb or The Wolf." It's about a mama getting her bottom kicked and it was big fat fatty enough for it. Making their rocking world's go around "ride'em (cowboy) drunk!" Mama's red-face crying the young child thinks 'you can't put the fire out' as they are in each others arms. Just laying down beside the fire and falling asleep because they've given it all they've got. Both of them rocked-out, the big fat bottomed girl and lad, dream of fat bottomed girls making the rocking world go around. Butt, is their someone better?

Review | Reviewer: umick | 8/28/12

Queen really puts the peddle down on this song ! But just for the record, Brian May wrote Fat Bottom Girls !!!! as well as Tie your mother down !!! He is also one of the 10 best guitar players on the planet !!!

Freddie | Reviewer: Ed | 1/6/12

I have to say that AIDS wasn't "real" to me until Freddie's death. Never did I know anyone who had died from it on a personal level at that time. I remember hearing of his passing, it was like being punched in the stomach. FBG and most all of Queen's stuff was remarkable; the stuff that made up my musical preferences.

Queen was the best ever! (still is)! | Reviewer: BG | 9/6/11

Interesting lyrics, the song sounded amazing though! Freddie was kinda a freak the way he acted on stage, but he and his band were the most musically talented group I've ever heard, as if this song isn't testament to that. We Will Rock You is the MOST sung song anywhere! They're definitely my favorite!

Cool! | Reviewer: BeJiPo | 7/21/10

i love queen! i am a big fan of Freddie and Mika and its really cool that both of them wrote songs abot fat people, i think that both of them are great singers, i know that freddie is way better but Mika has a good future in the music industry and i found both of them similar in some ways

I'd never have guessed... | Reviewer: bryony1 | 11/7/09

... that FBG is "Delta Dawn," but it doesn't detract from either song. Each is its own, and this one just shows how original Queen was. If only Freddie hadn't died, he'd still be going strong! After all, it was only 18 years ago.

This is probably one of the very few, if not the only, song that rhapsodizes over REALLY hefty women. I wonder if one of the members of Queen had a preference for "fat-bottomed girls," because I can't imagine anyone otherwise just making this up.

I had a girlfriend with a very rare disease that caused her body from the navel down, including her bottom and thighs, to be absolutely massive. She ate like a bird but was built like half a Humvee. FBG was a great comfort to her, because this is an incurable malady.

BTW, in August, all these 18 years later, Freddie was awarded an honor for having the "best mustache in Britain," outdoing John Cleese, Charlie Chaplain, and other mustachioed notables, past and present. However, I thought he looked at his very best in "Bohemian Rhapsody," exotic and beautiful. His later "look" is common in San Francisco -- Short hair, full brush. Ho hum.

But that voice!! Just marvelous on "Fat-bottomed Girls," among Queen's best. But what wasn't?

the best of all | Reviewer: loveofmylife | 5/30/09

Queen are unsurpassable! All songs are great, indeed freddie died on the 24th november 91 but i´m sure, he´s alive in a lot of hearts forever! however there are people, who hate Queen or told me, that the band is shit, because Freddie was bi! I wont cant understand ´em! But freddie: holded on strong, cos: no-one could reach them aside from freddie. And he knowed it!
Fat bottomed girls is one of the songs i heard many times and it never will get boring, like other songs which written by other bands. The song i love most is love of my life! What ever will happen: I´m sure, Queens music will help me! In school, the most guys say, i´m crazy, because i hear with only 13 years so a old band, but i saw freddie and knowed: he is it! hes all i need! then i heard hes music and it was sure for me: Freddie, his music, food, drink, dormancy and a little bit love! No more, i need to hold strong. Queen forever and everywhere!!

awesome | Reviewer: chris | 2/28/09

this song is so awesome. they are the best band ever. they sing some of the greatest songs ever. like Mr. roboto, another one bites the dust, we are the champions and this song(fat bottomed girls). ROCK ON QUEEN!!!!!

Freddie | Reviewer: Mark | 12/8/08

your mom wrote: "I don't think Freddy Mercury was gay like a lot of you guys think. I think he was Bi and he dug chicks and fat chicks that's why he wrote this song."

Brian May wrote this song. Other than that fact, it's pretty well established that Mercury was indeed bisexual.

n__n | Reviewer: im_herXx | 1/16/08

Queen is my favorite band even though I haven't been listening to them that long! They are surely the most unique blend of musical geniuses that ever were!

May their music live on forever.

Country song? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/29/07

The tune is a common country tune, they didnt redo it anymore than she did.

And i have to agree with ioana, Queen rocks. But Nickelback and Linkin Park arent bad modern bands.

most original band ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/25/07

they are the most original band ever no doubt. no one comes close to there originality. One of my favorite bands. Freddy is the bomb.

the best! | Reviewer: ioana | 10/12/07

I agree. Queen is the best and no one can compare themselves with them. I'm only 13, but I can track music with high quality and I tell ya that the crap we listen to these days (eg:Green Day, Fall-Out Boy,etc.) is s**t. Queen is the bomb! Too bad that Freddie died because he surely wasn't nothing. I wish I can meet Brian, Roger or John. That would be that greatest present. I love you, Queen!

What this song is really all about! | Reviewer: D-Bag | 9/25/07

The lyrics express the axiom "Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder", although the song has a humorous and overly sexual tone for such a serious subject.

Delta Dawn | Reviewer: ivan | 9/15/07

One of the reviewers of FBG (1978) said "would have sworn Queen re-did a country hit".
Well, yeah.
Check out (1973) "Delta Dawn" by Tanya Tucker when she was 13 years old.