OMG | Reviewer: claire-call me Quirky | 9/12/07

BEST SONG I HAVE EVER HEARD ! U GUYS ARE SIMPLY STUNNING! THERE WERE THEY ARE AND WILL NEVER STOP RULING THE ROCK AND ROLL WORLD! i love you guys like bees love honey! my greatest joy would be to meet you!

I lost a bet | Reviewer: abcvega69 | 8/29/07

I would have sworn Queen re-did a country hit... As for F.B.T... "Cosmo says your fat, but I ain't down with that..."

Simply Incredible | Reviewer: Chadwick | 8/22/07

Queen is simply the greatest musical group of the 20 th century, and probably ever. Their vocals are amazing, their harmonizations smooth, and their musicians are as talented as they come.

To bad Freddy's gone...

Yeah | Reviewer: Your mom | 8/19/07

I don't think Freddy Mercury was gay like a lot of you guys think. I think he was Bi and he dug chicks and fat chicks that's why he wrote this song. Most guys who are purely gay don't get into rock music, unless you're like, the village people or something.

Queen - could they be the best rock band ever? | Reviewer: Banzai | 8/19/07

The incredible thing about Queen was their incredible range. From writing, to ability on their respective instruments to just plain old sense of humor. This songs demonstrates their superiority in a couple of categories and hey, it flat rocks!

And I would have to agree with some of the reviews submitted here - "big girls" make better lovers (as apparently some of the members of Queen have discovered on their own).

classic <3 | Reviewer: erin | 8/16/07

dude, i'm 14, and i love this song. i'm not "big" but, truth be told, i have a big butt :] queen is pretty much the best band everrr.

and i make the world go round, heheheh.

Fat bottomed girls | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/07

This is an awesome song and basically states what alot of guys are misssing out on becaus they want some skinny B****, well guys Big girls are better f***s and they have better personalities, usually

Fact | Reviewer: BigGirl | 7/28/07

I LOVE this's my theme song!! And some men in the world have figured out the benefits of big girls...we f**k better!!!!! and you can't break a big girl!!! lol

Great Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/9/07

The reason this song is great is that it's honest. Anyone who has ever hung with the biker crowd or even just the "salt of the earth" in rural Pennsylvania knows exactly what Freddy is singing about in this song. It's a classic because it's about something real instead of just something that somebody made up out of thin air.

There are millions of real live "fat-bottomed girls" all over America (and big-muscled guys to ride around with them, too). These people may not be from high culture or anything, but they're really good people who would give you their last dollar if you needed it. And they also really know how to have a good time.

Fat Bottomed Girls | Reviewer: Prider | 6/27/07

Who said Rock bands had to be serious all the time? This song goes dividends in showing you the range that Queen had, and how much better they were than most modern rock bands today. Queen had the ability to be serious and intense then switch moods and come out with a rowdy song about boning fat chicks and you could tell they had fun recording it. On the other hand, Nickelback recently released the very witty Rockstar and somehow managed to make sound rather similar to How You Remind Me. They even botched Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting!

awsome............... | Reviewer: Billy | 6/22/07

If I ever become the Prime Minister of Canada, I'll br changing the national anthem from "Oh Canada" to "Fat bottom Girls"...............that should be self explanitory

Fantastic | Reviewer: Kate | 6/19/07

I am a girl myself and any woman who thinks this is sexist needs to re think what they said and listen to the lyrics, freddie is saying the he doesnt want a gril who is as dumb as dog shit and only has looks to show for it... fat bottomed girls are the main population of women and we should be proud of that.

Truth be damned | Reviewer: Captain | 6/13/07

Fat Bottom Girls is pure Freddy Mercury - a raw, bold performance sung with unparalleled harmony and's a musical metaphor for the sultry life style led by Queen's lead vocalist that ultimately resulted in his premature death. All said, Fat Bottom Girls resonates with so many music lovers because it taps into each individual's carnal desires - those inescapable motivations that drives each of us...

Fat Bottomed Girls | Reviewer: Bubba Ganoosh | 6/13/07

Who doesn't love Fat Bottomed Girls? Both the song and the actual ones who fit the description!(hello Beyonce!). This is one of the greatest rock songs ever. Not deep or thought provoking, just a good time with a monster beat and great guitar rifts.

Ha | Reviewer: Sarah | 5/24/07

Oh yes... It's a great song. I love gay men. They like other men and fat women. Lol.