Yeah good hands in the lyrics | Reviewer: Eric burdon | 8/4/14

There is saddest thing human being has is lonelyness.human moves from place to place for crazy thing called love.time waits wait for none and it will not wait for me mick jagger.enk quatro tray

reply to youngest fan of queen | Reviewer: @AnFarrokh | 8/2/14

Just found it..
I love your comment, honey :
"Anyone that thinks Freddie Mercury and Queen are stupid, you are truly the stupid one"
I'd like to know you more, d'you have any tweet acc. ? Find me there (@AnFarrokh)

Queen will rock on. | Reviewer: Youngest Fan of Queen | 4/6/13

I may only be 10, but queen is the band that I love. Nowadays anyone can listen to Justin Beiber or Taylor Swift and like them, that is normal kid stuff. It takes a true person to stand out and listen to a band that was around 40 years before they were born. I first heard this song on Just Dance 3 and instantly fell in love with it. I am probably going to do this song in the school talent show, and dedicate it to Freddie Mercury, if I do, I want him to R.I.P. Anyone that thinks Freddie Mercury and Queen are stupid, you are truly the stupid one. Queen will rock on throughout my children, their children, and their children's children. Queen will always be my favorite band.

Michaela # no 1 Queen Fan | Reviewer: Michaela | 4/5/13

I love Queen and John Deacon is my favourite member. I also like Freddie Mercury, Brian May and Roger Taylor. Roger Taylor's full name is: Roger Meadows Taylor and Queen are the best rock band ever of all time. Brian May+Queen=Greatest rock band ever and I LOVE THEM

wat a crazy big song !! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/10

i bet im th greatest queen fan ever lived i just love them !!! abt this song, its so damn wonderful, i mean look at that l7n :P, th amazig guitar solo (which was made on a randy rhods fender not th red speciall) its ...... i dunno , we need another language to describe how amazig they were,
p.s. th version at wembley stadium wth freddie on an electric guitar might sound better for some ppl, so check it out

I love it | Reviewer: Niloo | 12/20/09

Hi everybody, Iā€™m the biggest Queen fan in Iran. And in my opinion ā€œ Crazy Little Thing Called Love ā€œ is the best rockabilly song of all the time. They did a great job. They outdid Elvis with it! What a catchy rhythm, what a nice lyrics, what a amazing vocals. Queen is the best, really unmatchable!

OMG | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/08

I just heard some country version of this song and it was ten times better than Queen could ever play it. HA!!! Just kidding..the country version sucked compared to Queen's ORIGINAL version. My dad said that some guy named Buck Owen wrote this song, but I was quick to correct him and said it was written by Freddie Mercury (in the bathtub..). Yeah..anyways awesome song xD

genious | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/14/07

Freddie Mercury was and will always be a master in the music industry , he really rocks...he is my idol,,,,and this song is great ,Michael Bubble performs it greatly twoo, with his grat voice.

about queen | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/07

i just wanted to state that QUEEN IS MY FAVORITE BAND OF ALL TIME AND NO OTHER BAND CAN COME CLOSE TO DOMINATING. . .NO ONE CAN TOUCH FREDDIE MERCURYS IMPECIBLE LYRICS. .and though there are some fenominal artists out there with fenominal work you just cant touch queen , do you accualy think that any lead singer of a band can match up with the power of freddie mercurys vibe and voice and just everything about him, and do u think any band guitarists can do a perfect guitar melody like brian and john can(except jimi hendrix)..ha i would laug in there face..and do u even think about thinking that any band drummer can beat those drums like there is no tommarow like roger does hah! i think you put all of these together and you the greatest f'n band there is and if anyone dares to differ or has a complaint about queen then i swear i will rip there throught out and feed it to my dog or maybe just stab them in the face with a rusty screw for being such incriants..and just because freddie has passed away does not mean queen has passed away either, that is not what freddie wanted, freddie still lives in the heart of queen and always has and not even death has changed that.i can not find the wors to describe how maraculous queen is but hopefully some of you have good idea...i could go on and on for days about how spectacular this band is but i dont need to because you can just find that out all on your in closing ..r.i.p. freddie and no one will ever forget you for you are totally infamous

Way to keep it retro | Reviewer: Nick | 5/15/07

The title is for any queen band members who may for reasons unknown stumble onto this page. I like the retro feel of this song. You really feel the old school rock n roll in this song. Definitely one of my favorite pieces by queen.

A really "jive" tune. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/06

This song has the swing and rythym that many other Queen songs do not have. Another reason why Queen is great.

crazy little thing called love | Reviewer: Adele | 8/28/04

i may be only 14 but i love queen and have to say this song is amazing as is freddie and the gang i would have loved to see them live and it is ashame that freddie passed away so young this song has a catchy choon as are the lyrics after only once of hearig this song it was stuck in my head for weaks on end and i had sudden out burst where i would just start singing this song no matter where i was on the bus in the shower or in the middle of a lesson this song is truly amazing and if i ever have a band in the near future all of my song will be dedicated to freddie mercury, brian may, roger taylor and john deacon as they are my inspirations.