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Performed by Queen

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Toby Kaz | Reviewer: LESTER | 7/14/14

I'll bet everything's always about you isn't it. Get over being bitter and twisted son......other wise everyone will think (as I do) that YOU ARE A WANKER!!

Possible meaning of lyrics | Reviewer: Burpie | 7/14/14

I don't think anyone will ever know the true meaning of these lyrics.... But I have a guess. "Mama, just killed a man" maybe the man he killed was himself! Like, he thought not being straight meant he was not longer a man. Like, he killed the man inside him...

But whatever. The song is too awesome to fuss over. We should just enjoy it and appreciate all the joy the great Freddie Mercury gave us!

My first meeting with Queen :) | Reviewer: Killer Queen ^_^ | 5/2/14

I've been a fan of Queen for almost a year and Bohemian Rhapsody was the song that showed me the talent of that band. One day I heard a participant in a music show singing that song and I searched the original. When I heard Freddie singing the part on the piano I just got speechless. His voice was amazing, I realized how talanted was he. That's how it all began. Later I heard Don't stop me now and also paid attention to the fact that We are the champions, We will rock you and Love of my life were songs by Queen. Nowadays I'm a great fan of that band and I listen to their songs every day! I'll love Queen forever and I really wish Freddie was alive. He's my idol! I believe that wherever he is, he is able to see our comments below all the lyrics of his songs and I'm sure he's happy! Love you, Freddie! <3

Obey me - The SwagKing | Reviewer: King Of Swag 6000 | 11/15/13

This song is very good, i had lots of fun in my ICT lesson jamming to this sick tune! My minions will help me to become famous one day when i will sing this song. my head of maths loved this when she walked in on me siging this at the top of m voice. peace out homedogs

long live queen!!!!! | Reviewer: queenlover | 9/15/13

this is the song that introduced me to queen!!! queen is amazing even though some of their songs are kinda stupid. but thats true with any band. i love this song!!!!!! not my fave by queen (tht goes to somebody to love) but this song is still super amazing!!!!!! y must people over analyze it????? this sing is great and amazing and unique!!!! long live queen!!!!!!

ps to kintaro: priscila???? really?????

i love queen!!! | Reviewer: cookie42 | 9/15/13

queen rocks!!!! this song rocks!!!!! dont over analyze things or u ruin their beauty!!!!!!
ps to all queen haters: if you dont like queen thts ok. if u hate this song thts ok. but y wld u look up lyrics to songs u hate by bands u hate just to tell people tht u hate them???? seriously people!!! get a life!!!!!!

Gr8 | Reviewer: Kintaro | 7/31/13

I love this song. Its based on the true story of Priscila (not BISMILLA YOU IDIOTS), who was executed in Kansas for killing a bystander for love. She is buried in front of of Kansas City's Howard Johnson, where Freddie staid one weekend with Mick Jagger. Hush Hushhhh

nobody knows the right answer | Reviewer: lifeiwonder | 7/24/13

No body knows the right answer fred was sufferin his health being gay lovin his mum nd feelinf guilty even she was supportin him many aays the song was was inspired vy a book some say his about his life who knows.....

Great song | Reviewer: Steve | 7/17/13

Great song, a great fusion of opera and rock. It always amazes me how people bicker about the interpretation of a song, bottom line is WHO CARES? As long as song sounds good lyrics aren't necessarily important.

You know ! Nothing? | Reviewer: Toby Kaz | 4/6/13

You know nothing! You are talking about a song that is so long ago and yeah it's very nice and beautiful! But the same time until someone replies that they knew personally ?and not just I think ?he just going through? it must have been this ,means that ? Reading this makes me sick if you don't know him and you haven't spoke to him and you don't know what he was thinking he could say anything in a book on comment it doesn't matter he'll keep the truth and he took it to his grave whatever! it might be whether it meant something or meant nothing. We all agree on one thing we love the song leave it at that!!!

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I agree with first person | Reviewer: Awesome | 2/1/13

The first person is the only one who is right. Freddie was fighting with himself over being gay. Back then that was ground upon. His mom was very supportive of him but he always felt guilty for being a son most moms didn't want.

What I feel the true meaning is | Reviewer: Philco | 1/6/13

I believe he wrote the song as he was coming to grips with his sexuality. It wasn't until the late 80's early 90's that being gay or homosexual was starting to be truly accepted. In 1975, when Freddie wrote this song, if you "came out of the closet" and announced you were gay, you weren't considered a man. Sad but true. One's sexuality should never the measure of wheter you are a man or not. So it isn't that he actually killed a man, but he killed the man people were thinking he was, and knew that announcing his sexuality would kill that man. The operatic section isn't him arguing with the devil to spare his life, but he himself arguing with himself and the "demons" he felt he was about to create. The "stone me/spit in my eye/leave me to die" is what would be coming to him once he came out with his sexuality, and "nothing really matters/anyone can see" was just him saying nothing really matters at all, this is me and i am what i am. This is my true feeling of what he meant.

reply for Silav | Reviewer: Luis | 1/17/12

Silav... you're right... this is just exactly like that book. I would have never imagined, haha. Even though I just read for school a pair of months ago. Nice analogy, be it true or not.

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