Good info | Reviewer: Pharmd747 | 2/13/13

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I agree with first person | Reviewer: Awesome | 2/1/13

The first person is the only one who is right. Freddie was fighting with himself over being gay. Back then that was ground upon. His mom was very supportive of him but he always felt guilty for being a son most moms didn't want.

What I feel the true meaning is | Reviewer: Philco | 1/6/13

I believe he wrote the song as he was coming to grips with his sexuality. It wasn't until the late 80's early 90's that being gay or homosexual was starting to be truly accepted. In 1975, when Freddie wrote this song, if you "came out of the closet" and announced you were gay, you weren't considered a man. Sad but true. One's sexuality should never the measure of wheter you are a man or not. So it isn't that he actually killed a man, but he killed the man people were thinking he was, and knew that announcing his sexuality would kill that man. The operatic section isn't him arguing with the devil to spare his life, but he himself arguing with himself and the "demons" he felt he was about to create. The "stone me/spit in my eye/leave me to die" is what would be coming to him once he came out with his sexuality, and "nothing really matters/anyone can see" was just him saying nothing really matters at all, this is me and i am what i am. This is my true feeling of what he meant.

reply for Silav | Reviewer: Luis | 1/17/12

Silav... you're right... this is just exactly like that book. I would have never imagined, haha. Even though I just read for school a pair of months ago. Nice analogy, be it true or not.

this song's lyrics meaning | Reviewer: Silav | 1/15/12

This lyrics were inspired by the book "The Stranger" by Albert Camus, an algerian philosopher/writer. Just read it and you'll get the point of the whole composition. No "ejaculations" nor stuff like that lol. It's about all about existencialism and being reject by society for not playing the game by the rules that everyone force us to comply with.

About the lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/11

Well, "Bismillah" translates into "In the name of god". Maybe they want to use "In the name of god" but it's too long so they changed it.

Also, this is my first and last post in this site, so don't reply.

This is just my opinion.

duds you get it all wrong.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/15/11

i mean sure any song in the world can be explains one way or the other, but the way it IS actually, is just about a person who excidently killed another man and now he is in the evening of hies execution and that's hies thoughs.. that's it.. nothing more. By the way, Queen when they relesed there Greatest Hits album it came with another book that explained the songs, and they to confirmed it's just a song about a guy in the evening of hies execution after exidently killing a man .

My interpretation ........ | Reviewer: Queen Fan | 10/25/11

I think this song is about his life as an immigrant, where western Europe was not too tolerant of imigrants. Also, he is fighting his sexuality. He has realized he is gay is not accepting it well. He feels shunned by both is family and the society. He tries to commit suicide, where the soul is sold to the devil "Beelzebub has the devil ". He gets a release when he utters the name of God as in 'Bismillah". This is a beautiful song. I hve heard it many many times and cant seem to get tired of it. My 11 year old daughter heard this song on Glee and noe we are both hooked on it

Aids | Reviewer: isup ose | 10/9/11

I believe Freddie was writing about Aids.
Put a gun (penis) against his head ,Pulled MY trigger (ejaculate) now he's dead ( infected Partner)
He apologizes to his Mother for not being the straight son she wanted.
He knew he was dying so this was his swan song.
I love Queen's music.

To the "I'm Right your Wrong brigade" | Reviewer: ML | 9/24/11

It's the idiot, maybe if you understood the song, it's context, it's meaning you would realise what a fool you are.
It's BISMILLAH, read before you post and you might not look so stupid!

Its the law v. Bismillah | Reviewer: finebetty | 9/11/11

This is an official Queen site with lyrics. As you will see it is "Bismillah" - google a bit and you might find some explanations as to why. I'm not really a Queen fan at all but its a fantastic song, memories of trying to work out what "beelzebub" was, rewinding the cassette player again and again - we had "heavens/hell/angels above" until someone finally got it. Dont remember the "bismilah" bit we mustnt have got that far ;)

I was crying ...... | Reviewer: wen | 8/20/11

I was touched by this song, Even by the time I knew nothing about "Queen", but the lyrics are so beautiful------"Mama, life had just begun
But now I've gone and thrown it all away
Mama, ooh, Didn't mean to make you cry
If I'm not back again this time tomorrow
carry on, carry on as if nothing really matters
I really felt something connected myself and my life, my heart was broken.

vibrational speaking | Reviewer: perkunas | 6/30/11

This song transcend, is a timeless beautiful and emotional piece of art. If the band Queen was doing paintings instead music, they would have painted a bunch of Sistine Chapels at that time. This song speaks from the soul, has a painful emotional connotation that reemerge into hope and appreciation. We all have come to experience life, some like Mercury and his band, left an audible version of what in vibrational stage will the rumors of whatever you imagine could resemble divinity. It is juts beautiful and touching.
Regardless of what it means to you or if the lyrics are wrong or not…what it make you feel is what it matters…and that is what really matters :)

why take freddie? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/11

this is a very well written song. freddie was a great man, a brilliant singer, and really knew how to entertain a crowd. he had a great ear for what sounded good. for what sounded right. this is a wonderous thing to behold and i personally believe this is queens best song. later on they got bigger, more extravagant which i loved and appreciated. this song is just magnificant. freddie is a god.

There is a mistake in your lyrics! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/11

Bismillah! No - we will not let you go - let him go
Bismillah! We will not let you go - let him go
Bismillah! We will not let you go - let me go

And not It's the LAW!
It's in the arabic: In the name of god!

ismi : the name BISMILLAH!
Allah: God In the name of god change it!