correct lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/11

if you bothered to do any research, you would find out that freddie (rip) was born in zanzibar- this explains the use of 'bismillah'.
also, hellooo!- 'so you think you can STONE ME and spit in my eye' stoning is only done by middle eastern nations, hence the reference to allah.

Meaning | Reviewer: Ben | 6/15/11

This isn't about him killing anybody or getting on trial.

It's about him killing himself. He writes a suicide note to his mother. As for the "we will not let you go!," That's the man arguing with the devil. He went to hell. He can't get to heaven, and he is angry. In the end, he thinks "nothing really matters." I can't really understand the last part. Heaven is important.

Bismillah! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/30/11

I have to question why the webmaster of this site has not posted the correct lyrics yet.
I have also previously submitted the correction that "Bismillah!" is the correct lyric and "it's the law" is totally incorrect but still the incorrect lyrics remain on this site.
This has always been my favorite site to come for lyrics, but the refusal by this site to post the correct lyrics when so many people have brought it to their attention has now changed that. :(

All Hail queen! | Reviewer: All hail Queen! :) | 5/28/11

QUEEN! One band name that should be a household today. I am 12, and I still listen to my parents music. JUSTIN BIEBER sucks, long live 80's. Nobody will be as great as Freddie Mercury was. He was a genius, and the world will never be the same without him. R.I.P Freddie Mercury <3

If you are a parent, let your kids listen to this at a early age. I would much rather kids sing along to you know, Def Leppard than Rihanna. All hail 80's. Queen rules!

WTF | Reviewer: specialkitty6 | 5/14/11

You asses are so stupid. Have respect for Queen. "It's the law" doesn't even come close to "Bismillah" i love and Respect Queen enough to point that out just like every one else now please change it... like NOW.

Bismillah definition | Reviewer: crockett8_9 | 4/29/11

Bismillah means in the name of god in Arabic u dicks or above all thing as in in the name of god we will bot let him go or above all things we will not let him go ... Study other languages than English and u might understand foreign lyrics when u hear them

Watch this! | Reviewer: Andi | 3/26/11

I many times tried to send the correct lyric is Bismillah and not it's a law, but rejected the assumption is not necessary. the whole world knows that the Queen said Bismillah in this song. and if can not accept this, it means they are reject the truth from people worldwide.

What?! | Reviewer: classikkrok! | 3/12/11

I posted a comment a long time ago but it never got published. Anyway, it's Bismillah! Not it's the law you dufus! Get it right next time you write lyrics to a song online. That's right....respect the Queen!

It really is "Bismillah" | Reviewer: Ruman | 10/23/10

If you actually listen to and/or research the song, it's "Bismillah", not "it's the law". It may, in a way, seem like it should be "it's the law" contextually, but it's just plain not what he's saying. Freddie Mercury was a Zoroastrian Parsi. That part of the song is about rival factions fighting over the narrator's soul. It's just a "comic courtroom trial" in form, not literally.

Classic- never goin' out of style | Reviewer: a 16 year old who knows my generation still loves the HITS | 9/8/10

Bohemian Rhapsody is a CLASSIC. You wont find very many people who have never heard it, even if they've never heard of Queen. Ya, some of the lyrics are wrong here, but for the most part it's great. This song has a little bit of everything: a little classic light rock, a little opera rock, and a little full out blast-your-stereo rock... definitely a total classic. Even many years down the road when I'm graduated from college and having kids I will still be listening to it and advising others to hear it. Definitely my favorite Queen song, Whoever said Queen was going out of style doesn't know my generation very well. long live, and RIP freddie

For the love of Queen | Reviewer: A Queen fan | 8/6/10

Bohemian Rhapsody to me is simply a rock opera with Special meaning to those involved in the writing of it. Just as it has it's own meaning for me. I could never choose a favorite Queen song nor would I try I personally have never heard one of theirs that didnt speak to me one way or another. Although not my favorite band because i have many. Queen is one of the few that I like everysong they've recorded that i've heard and i believe that is because i feel they put their blood,sweat,tears and very souls into their music.So for the love of Queen don't discect it just enjoy it for what it is....Great.

Great song + some lyrics wrong | Reviewer: Zeta | 6/16/10

I love this song, but I'm not really a Queen fan. This is probably one of the only songs I've heard by them, besides We Will Rock You, which I never knew was Queen. I love the part "I see a little sillhouetteo of a man..." etc etc. I guess this song's kinda weird and that's why I love it. It's really catchy!

For the lyrics on this page, it's not "It's the LAW," it's "Bismillah!"

Brackets are actually NEVER used in these lyrics. Sir or ma'am, I believe what you mean by brackets-{}- are parenthises-().

Kind of suicidal? | Reviewer: Alex V | 6/6/10

Love this song though I wouldn't call it the best song ever, I don't even think it's Queen's best song. Anyway, am I the only one who relates the first two verses (not counting the intro one) with suicide? To me phrases like "life had just begun" "if i'm not back again this time tomorrow...carry on, carry on" "it's too late, my time has come" "goodbye everybody, i've got to go" and some others sound like he just killed himself or is planning to do so. Whoever says Queen is shit is incredibly small minded, Queen is one of those great bands that changed Rock n' Roll and made it the greatest thing EVER. And as for comparing the great Freddie Mercury and Queen with My Chemical romance, that is the most idiotic comparison i've ever heard (or read).

bravo~ | Reviewer: cushion | 2/14/10

I'm a Chinese student.I first got to know Queen when I heard my dad hum'we will rock you'in the kitchen...Then I bought a CD(killer queen-a tribute to queen)at a very low price because the salesman told me'Nowadays youngsters tend to like emo,queen is outta trend!'But I fell head over toes with this song the time I heard it.So no matter how successful those so called emo becomes,the real genius will last...
(My english is awful but out of the same love for freddie,you guys can forgive me huh?)

Great song | Reviewer: Lizzey | 12/10/09

As well as being a big Metallica fan I am also a big Queen fan (R.I.P Freddie Mercury). I would never compare Metallica's frontman James Hetfield to Queen's Freddie because they're totally different so if anyone like the person who wrote about My Chemical Romance wants to compare frontmen then do it with two that are similar. Anyway, I'm fifteen years old but I've listened to Queen practically all my life. I think that this song is really deep and meaningful even if I caren't understand what the words are about.