Pure Genius | Reviewer: Niloo | 10/31/09

I think there are 2 reasons that some people may not like this song:
1. They are retarded and ignorant, that's why they can't understand the beauty of it.
2. They are jealous about uniqueness of this song and genius of Queen.
I believe this isn't exaggerate at all, if Bohemian Rhapsody called " best song of all the time". and i don't think it's just my own opinion.
Answer to Prosper:
In live performances, Freddie would often sing the opening vocals of the song "Mustapha" in place of the complex introduction to "Bohemian Rhapsody", going from "Allah we'll pray for you" to "Mama, just killed a man...".
p.s. that's Ibrahim, not eevaheev.
For fanofthefabfour:
If you are a huge Beatles fan, I'm a huge Queen fan too. But I'll never put Beatles or anyone else down just because I'm the biggest fan of Queen. Everyone has a favorite.
If you don't like them, don't listen to them and don't leave such a stupid comment. You have the right to love whoever you want, but you don't have any right to insult the thing or the one that you don't like. Please be liberal, ok?

for clarity | Reviewer: kweng | 9/28/09

just to clear things up...this song was definitely NOT about freddie having aids since this was written about 10 years before he was infected. the meaning of this song is a secret only known to freddie (and maybe the band) but it's absolutely not about aids.

regarding the live with the intro of "allah, we'll pray for you", etc. it's a different song called Mustapha and fred sings the opening of that song as, "Ibrahim, ibrahim, allah we'll pray for you" and then to bohrap. BTW, mercury's religion is zoroastrianism :D

Opalescence tooth whitening directions | Reviewer: Scot | 9/4/09

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I am from Austria and too poorly know English, please tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "traditional substance of difficult experiment is temperature, in the temperature that forces are uncharacterized well to let the bigger energy."

Regards ;-) Scot.

Some wrong lirics | Reviewer: Riza | 8/14/09

The words sound like eve..eve.. Alah are Bismillah. That were from Al-Qur'an language. Thats word usually used if moslem people want to say their god<ALLAH. SWT> before they wanna do something or finishing important with the name of god.

I think, freddy just worried about he's life by hiv aids.
He know that he will be die anytime god call him up.
So its surrounding he's regret want to get back on the right side.

wierd but mesmerising | Reviewer: siva | 7/17/09

I was introduced to this song just a day after i first heard I WANT IT ALL.I was amazed to see the versatality in their work touching the two extremes of music with such an ease.This was a great song and with freddie on the lead it was the greatest song ever made without any doubt.May was at his magical best and his guitar was weaving magic. RIP freddie

Live version difference | Reviewer: Prosper | 6/12/09

Don't know if anyone has heard but when Freddy Mercury sang this live he added a part at the beginning. I do not know the words he used in the first part but I do for the second. It was like : "Eeeevaheeeeeev!Eeeevaheeeeeev! Alah Alah Alah will pray for you." Then the rest came. I understand the Alah part but what about the eeevaheev thing? Great song and love the band. Wish Freddy was still here.

About Freddy | Reviewer: P | 6/14/09

One of the greatest opera voices to every grace rock-pop. Imagine Mika and multiply him by 10!

As for his gayness, he was open about it from the start. Killer Queen, the name of the band, the moustache, the armbands. He refused to make an issue of it, as he was a performer. Why should he?

Because he wasn't a tart about it, I don't think many took any notice of it. There was just not a rock group around with the vocal talent, musical talent and feeling for the "zeitgeist" that they had.

They were rare - easy to listen to, but somehow mind expanding.

He also didn't make an issue of his Indian/Bahai roots.

I grew up with his music, thinking him the most English person I'd heard.

Perhaps in some respects he was - he lived as he wished, didn't make an issue of it and his sheer bloody talent is what lives on.

This song shows both his vocal dexterity and intelligence as a human being.

It has nothing whatsoever to do with AIDS or any of that. Freddy also left none of his estate to gay groups, but made sure his lifetime lover Jim Hutton was looked after. At the end of the day, is any of that relevant or our business?


Freddy > any other frontman | Reviewer: Will | 6/9/09

Anonymous you are an idiot dont ever compare anyone to Freddy, especially someone from a band as horrible as My Chemical Romance your an idiot. He is the greatest frontman ever and no one else will ever top him

Correction | Reviewer: Xubayr | 6/3/09

They don't say 'It's the LAW!'

It's actually 'Bismillah'. Lyrical references in this passage include Scaramouche, the fandango, Galileo Galilei, Figaro and "Bismillah," as rival factions fight over the narrator's soul.

Gasp! Some actual music insight ahead! | Reviewer: Tina | 5/7/09

This is one of Queen's greatest songs of all time, but I always feel like it recieves a little too much attention and the rest of their songs are put on the backburner. Seriously, listen tio some of their other songs, people!
But, I suppose I should make a worthwhile review. The "dream part" that it opens up with was a very difficult part to sing in-tune, and it felt like it was dancing with going flat, which it thankfully didn't. The changes in Freddie's tone of voice from sorrowful to bitter (the transition to "Mama, ooo") was so well-executed and really helped give us an idea to the poor boy's emotions. (Or, to put it simply- his tone of voice conveyed the emotion of the character in the song, which is a rarity). The opera part is of course very lovely, and Brian's voice in the lower range shone so powerfully, while Roger's managing to hit that note way the hell up there on the scale was incredible. But most of all, I commend this song for the good diction. (Clearly singing "you" instead of "chew") And the cut-offs of the s's were PERFECT (no hiss). I thank the boys for this great song and adherence to classical-styled singing techniques.

I LOVE THIS SONG! | Reviewer: nonayabusiness | 2/26/09

This has been one of my favorite songs ever since i first heard it when i was, like, 10. I love most of Queen's music. I have never heard a song by them that i havent liked. I also love "Under Pressure" with Queen and David Bowie.

freddie mercury vs frankie iero? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/15/09

i`ve listened to this song countless amounts of time but only recently i`ve realised the startling similarity to some lyrics of the band my chemical romance.

for example ; in the black parade, the lyrics carry on are in similar context.

also ; the whole verso of mama and the concept of death and not wanting her to cry is a lot like the song mama by my chemical romance. it may be sheer coincidence but perhaps my chemical romance aren`t very orginial.

okay enough of my analaysis (:
love this song
love queen more (:


Great Song | Reviewer: Allie | 1/11/09

I rarely post a review, only read people's. However, I decided to do so after reading someone's post saying the Queen sucks and how shitty this song is. If you don't like this song, why are you here anyway and why did you say this song is a good one, and yet, you stated it's shitty? Are you trying to stand neuter here? I truly appreciate your desert of coming to this site, looking for the lyrics, clicking the comment box, expressing your freedom of speech, and daring to submit the form. Perhaps you're just too vacuous.

thanks Freddie... | Reviewer: karla | 1/9/09

I'm from Argentina, I was only about 12 when I first listened Queen, I guess freddie's voice captured me, it's amazing that this song was written when HIV wasn't known yet...well now I'm 20 and I still cry when I hear freddie and this amazing song..hugs

Queen | Reviewer: Me | 1/2/09

Queen is my favorite band of all time, and I'm only 14. One day I was in this music store wearing a Flash Gordon shirt, and a guy who works there asks me if I knew who composed the music to that movie. I obviously said Queen. He said to my mom I was too young to know about that kind of things, but he was pretty impressed. I started playing guitar because I highly admire Brian May. To me, he is the greatest guitarist ever. I was divided between The Beatles, since my dad is a great fan of them, and Queen, my mom adores them. I really can't compare them, but if I had to pick one, I would pick Queen without a second thought. Their music is so versatile that I don't need to listen to anything more. I remember me and I mom in the car when she was taking me to school and Bohemian Rhapsody would start playing on the radio, and my mom and I would start singing every single part of the song. For me, this is the best, most epic song ever.