Queenfan45 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/1/11

I've never heard 'Body language'yet,I just looked at the lyrics and to me it's not that perverted at all. He's(Freddie's)just writting about a person that he's absolutely crazy about,I think. I have never been disapointed with any of Queen's songs,I have heard more than 66 songs of theirs,and I love them all! r.i.p Farrokh Bomi Bulsara i love u...

Catchy! | Reviewer: Niloo | 12/6/09

I agree, being a rock band doesn’t mean that you can’t make other sorts of music. They are the only artists in music history that tasted all genres of music without disgracing any of them. Yes, it’s a different song. But yet it’s as perfect as all their song. Bass line and vocals are superb. Just listen to Freddie’s unique voice in “ Body Language “ and then tell me he isn’t the greatest singer of all the time!

good cant even begin to describe Queen | Reviewer: Jade | 5/20/09

Body Language. The name suggests what Freddie mentions in this song, and while, yes its a little preverted, so was fat bottomed girls, and Queen was usually very clean compared to other various bands. All in all, the song is very catchy, I favor the bass in this song, John Deacon worked his magic like always. But, of course what else could you expect from the legendary Queen? This song is just as great as the rest of them, the best of whats around no doubt.

LOVE IT!! | Reviewer: Shamaine | 1/19/08

I'm a huge queen fan with diverse taste!! This song is HOT HOT HOT!!! I love how Freddie sings in this song. It's not the typical queen glam rock, rock & roll tune, but it good!!!


FABULOUS. | Reviewer: m | 7/20/07

This song is hot-hottie-hot, and is a groov-a-liscious blend of electro-funk meets bass grooves. I ABSA LOOTELY am happy Queen stepped out of their box to produce this, or else it would have been lost forever. Just because you're a Rock Band, doesn't mean you're not allowed to make the music that's in you. AND... this song was just feaured on "So You Think You Can Dance", and the dancers FUNKED IT OUT on stage. Choreographed by one of our world's most respected dance choreographers. How's that for those who say bad things about this? Go see if you find the performance and hear what the judges had to say about it.! HA!

body language | Reviewer: DIANA | 7/10/07

This song is great, anything that Queen ever made was good. They are the best rock band of all time.

good song- good song -good song | Reviewer: queen T | 4/18/07

this is not your typical queen song, and was not well recieved at the time, partly due to it being well ahead of its time. I am a queen fan as well as various shades of dance music, and I think this soulful bass heavy song is much more relevant and popular now than it was when it came out, and does not sound out of place in a dance club as a concert hall.

I like it. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/23/07

Apparently this song wasn't well-received because it's a different type of music from the type that Queen usually did, but I like this song. Although...it is just a tad perverted.

Not a very good song. | Reviewer: Sammy Boy | 6/18/06

As a staunch Queen fan, this souful, funky song has no appeal on me whatsoever.